Thursday, January 29, 2009

~ The View from my window.....

I've put a lot of miles on my tractor this winter, mostly moving snow. Lots of hours on the arms and snow shovels too. We were very lucky last night - only a foot of new snow instead of the 22" that they were predicting. For that we are grateful ~
A beautiful, sunny morning and a big cleanup job ahead. Thought I'd share the view from my workplace ~

Just heading out to plow - sun was just rising

Headed towards the guinea house, right to the barn

The blower doing it's job

Waiting for the blower to make a path to the feeder - heaven forbid they had to get their feet wet :)

Heading south to the rams and my Dad's house

Everyone was so worried about their toes this morning ~

I'm looking in - they are looking out.....
Another winter storm is over and it will take most of the day to clean up. As always, I am thankful that we all came through it safe and sound and I hope everyone else did as well.
~ Have a good day ~


Nancy K. said...

Do you actually get to SIT on your snow blower???? Cool pictures. I didn't know that you had calves!

Peggy said...

I know its hard work but that snow sure is beautiful

DayPhoto said...

I have been wondering and wondering how all of you are doing with this huge storm across the states.

This was a good post, you are doing well, so far... COME ON SPRING!


Leenie said...

Hope you have something to keep YOUR toes warm while you clear a path for all those little toes. Hang in there!

Deb said...

Nancy K,
Yes - we have a big kubota farm tractor with a glass cab that has a 6 foot snowblower that mounts on the front and is controlled from insie the cab.

It snows ALOT here - it takes me about 5-6 hours even with the tractor to clean up a foot of new snow. I could never get it all done w/out the tractor.

I have two calves at the moment and 6 cows :)

I love the snow and I love winter. I get discouraged like everyone else when it's 35 below zero in the morning and everything is frozen solid but it was so beautiful this morning....the sunshine on a blanket of fresh new snow :)

We are the lucky ones. Mostly snow for us. It's the ice that's so damaging. I feel so sorry for the thousands that are without power. I heard in some places it may be until mid February before power is fully restored. It's so sad.

Good Canadian winter boots do the trick - Maybe I could order some for these spleeny critters :) That would be a great photo!

Springs comin'

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful photographs of your working morning! I love the one of the calfs. Hope you stay snow free for a few days:)

Leenie said...

LOL chickens with snow boots! The pics of the calves bring back memories of slimey nipple bottles and getting butted in the back. Good luck getting your zoom lens!

City Mouse said...

Such gorgeous morning photos! It's amazing how snowy it has been this year all over the country. I found my way here through Hidden Haven (and a string of other blogs too). So happy to have found you! We're just beginning our plan to get back to the country, so it's wonderful to see what you are doing here. I'm off to read older posts and add you to my list so I can come back often!

Shelby said...

oh the photos are so interesting.. puts me there almost - working, cold, but enjoying the sun of the morning. your dogs are so lovely. and the other animals too.. especially liked the post of the dog for Jesus. We lost our family dog last year and I miss him so much still. We have a new little puppy, but I haven't really bonded with her yet, she's so different .. kind of aloof.

Take care!

Egghead said...

Great photos. Those chickens are hilarious and the calves are so sweet. Keep warm!