Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year writers block.........

I seem to have writers block or somethings blocked :) I truly enjoy blogging and I read my blog friends with my first cup of coffee in the morning. I have had many things in mind to blog about and have had several opportunities to use the new camera but I can't seem to get it out of my head and onto my blog. The days have been long....early starts and late nights. When I sit down to post, I just stare at the screen.'s been really busy on the farm the last few days. That and trying to get my house back in order from the holidays. I really dislike it when my house is cluttered and out of order. Mom and I undecorated our tree yesterday and tossed it to the goats. Ran the vac and removed some of the dust. It made a big difference. I like being able to see out my picture window again. Love the tree but was happy to see it go.

This is what 7 goats can do to a fir tree in just a few minutes. They were so happy to get it - it's a real treat for them.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. One of the nicest we have had in quite some time. Blue sky and high 30's. We dismantled our sheep breeding groups this morning and delivered our visiting ewes back to their home. Checked feet and overall condition on everyone and moved them all to their permanent winter housing. Our girls were happy to be back in their regular group.

The rams are back in the ram house with their rubber tire floor. It takes them a few days to get reacquainted. You would think they had never been together. The tires on the floor prevents them from running into each other with enough force to really hurt each other. In a week or so I can let them out again. Boys!!

Today was weaning day for Jan and Squirt McGert. Squirt never bellowed and Jan never stopped. Squirt met Gus today for the first time. They are now sharing a space and seem quite content together.

Tonight will be Squirt's first time on a bottle. That should be fun! I let them both out back of the barn today for a little while. The south side is always warm on a sunny day. They had such fun romping and exploring.

"Gus""Squirt McGert"

Banjo wanted to play too :)

This is Froto. He is one of our bottle baby wethers. He's very friendly and would have loved to be in the backyard with us watching the calves play.

All in all a productive day and I got through a blog! Hope everyone had a nice weekend :)


threecollie said...

Squirt and Gus look great! Nice and fat and sassy. And I know what you mean about taking down the Christmas stuff. It is lovely and I almost feel guilty about taking it down, but it is so nice to have things tidy again.

Joanna said...

It's amazing how much more Mike and I can accomplish when the sun is shining and it's not so bitterly cold. We had a beautiful weekend.

Squirt was weaned? I hope she's OK.

Egghead said...

I just finished up what seems to have been the slowest job I have ever done. But it is put away and now I am off to the airport a couple hours away to send my son off to Buffalo where he is in the Ph.D. program. Squirt and Gus are simply adorable. Keep warm!

Claire said...

Froto has a gorgeous fleece! Looks like Squirt and Gus are going to get along well. Great blog post - maybe it will break your writer's block!

kristi said...

I think just your beautiful pictures tell a wonderful story of your life and your family on the farm:) I am envious of your sun as it was foggy, raw, and ugly all day here....perfect timing for having to go back to school tomorrow:( I am in love with Gus and Squirt by the way:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well this was a pretty darn good post for having writers block! Just be yourself..I love all the photos of your animals. :)

Christy said...

Sun? I haven't seen the sun in weeks! All your animals look so great. And I get writers block sometimes too, it is weird.

DayPhoto said...

This was a fun visit! Your writers blog is very productive.


Deb said...

Thank you - I'm pleased with how they both are doing. Gus is a tank and eating like a trooper. Never have I started an easier calf. When you start with a well bred calf from a reputable farmer, it's easy to be successful :)

you are so right about that - another nice day here today. I just love this kind of weather :)
I weaned Squirt from her Mother onto a bottle. I only leave the calves with the cow about a month. They get pretty rough after that. She'll get milk from a bottle now for quite some time.

It always feels good to get a job like that finished. Wow....Ph.D - that's awesome! Frigid and snowy in Buffalo....hope he stays warm.

Thank you ....I miss it when I don't post.
Your right - Froto does have a great fleece. He is a shetland/finn cross. It's a dream to spin :)
The calves are doing great together.

I hope your weather improves soon. We are in for a storm on wednesday. There is always a price for nice weather in january!
Can't wait to hear about your first day back to school - hope it wasn't horrible.

Gus and Squirt are so easy to love - they love attention and people. You should come meet them :)

far side of fifty,
Thank you :) I love sharing the farm through photos and the blog. Glad you liked the post.

I hope the sun shines for you soon! Gloomy weather can really get me down after too much of it.
I think the "block" is waning....maybe just too much going on here to concentrate.

Thanks for visiting - hope your all staying warm :)

Anonymous said...

Squirt and Gus look really good.
I know about the weaning to a bottle. I still have one Holstein calf on a bottle now.
Today was around 70 degrees. The sun would shine then all of sudden a shower would start, with the sun still shining. Our cold front comes through this weekend. Back to some 20's for lows.
A really nice post for a block writer. lol..
Love the pictures.
Have a great day.

Kara said...

Deb, I never thought of giving the old Christmas tree to the critters. Can the sheep have it too? Mine is still up...I am going to take it down this weekend.