Sunday, January 18, 2009

~Ornament exchange.....

During the holidays, I had mentioned doing an ornament exchange on a previous blog post. Several people e-mailed that they would be interested after the busy holiday rush. Michelle thought it might be fun if we did a "regional" theme which is a great idea.

EVERYONE is welcome to participate!

If you would like to exchange, you can post your e-mail address in a comment on this post or send it to me @ for privacy. I will put all the addresses in a hat and ask Tyler to draw names for me. I will then let each person know in a private e-mail whom your recipient is so you can e-mail them and ask for their mailing address. This way, no participant has to give out their private address to more than one person.

I'll leave the invitation up for a few days. I'll set the mailing date by February 1. That way everyone receives an ornament around the same time. Once they are received, it would be great if everyone could post a photo and the region that it's from.

No need to spend a lot, or any......home made is wonderful in my book. Whatever you choose is great.

The more the merrier - again, all are welcome!


K said...

Oh, what fun! Definitely sign me up Deb!


Doris said...

Hi Deb,

thanks for the visit on my blog. You find more information about my sheep here:

Claire said...

Oh yes! I want to participate please! Regional...Iowa...does that mean my ornament has to look like a cob of corn? I really don't know about that part. Can it be "regional" as in depicting something from the "region" of my farmyard?

You can email me at
patentgarden AT gmail DOT com

Egghead said...

Deb I have already sent you my email but I wanted to say that the regional part is a good idea. It reminds me of the Hawaiian ornaments a dear friend sends me each year. I have a collection of Hawaiian Santa ornaments that are adorable and two beautiful hand painted glass orbs by a Hawaiian artist. This will be so so fun.

Deb said...

K -
done - it will be fun.

Doris -
thank you for visiting and the link for your sheep.

A corncob ornament would be perfect as far as I'm concerned. That's what Iowa is about. I'll send you a post via email. No worries -

this will be a fun exchange. Your Hawaiian ornaments sound lovely. I love the "special" ornaments I hang up every year. They tell their own story. I'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb,
That sounds fun. Sign me up, please.

Deb said...

will do = it will be fun.

Claire said...

Oh oh oh! I got my ornament! Am I allowed to blog about it? Or do I have to keep it secret till everybody gets theirs? I haven't mailed mine out yet but it's going soon.

maicher said...

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