Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~Starting the day...........

Another frosty start to the day. Sub zero temps are here to stay for awhile. The sky seemed at war - reds, yellows, pinks and blues. A sign of weather to come. They are predicting -20 by friday morning. Needless to say, we hustled through chores and everyone was grateful for their grub.

Gus and Gert were waiting for breakfast with their usual eagerness. They are both getting a full bottle of warm milk and they waste no time in emptying it, letting you know they would really like more. They wear the cutest little milk mustache when they are finished. They both continue to put on weight and are thriving.

The sheep were all huddled around the feeder, happily munching their hay. They seem to have enough wool where they don't mind the cold.

This is Henry - he is one of our resident barn cats. He's the friendliest one of the bunch. He's been spending his nights in the barn, sleeping in the cows manger to stay warm but he takes his breakfast at my Mom's house. She will let him in and feed him where it's warm :)

Have a great day and stay warm!


threecollie said...

Too bad you don't live closer because I know where you could get another little Holstein bull for beef if you wanted one. lol Your babies look great!

Deb said...

when I lived in VT, I lived on the NY border and used to travel out your way often. Now that we've met I'm probably 6 or so hours away! I sure have enough milk for another but the inn is full :) Thanks for the offer - it is appreciated.

Joanna said...

Considering the weather, everybody looks like they're fairing well. I have an orange cat too, Hoss. I also have a Henry, but he is a 16yr old terrier mix. Bundle up.

Christy said...

Man, how do you function is weather like that? There is a reason we moved south.

Deb said...

thanks :) Your Henry is quite an old fellow isn't he? That's terrific! You all stay warm too.

truthfully, I like the cold. I normally go to the barn in the morning with wet hair. I have headaches frequently and the cold makes my head feel better. Strange but true :)
I'm a born and bred New Englander, I guess I'm just used to it and I love the four seasons.

Egghead said...

OH that brings back fond memories of feeding my three babies, three little orphaned calves. I could have used those cool holders for the bottles. We had one very aggressive guy that would gulp his milk down and head butt the others while they were eating. Brrrr it is cold there where you are. Stay warm.

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