Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BARNEY (May 1994 - January 2009)

A Dog for Jesus
(Where dogs go when they die)

I wish someone had given Jesus a dog. As loyal and loving as mine.

To sleep by His manger and gaze in His eyes And adore Him for being divine.

As our Lord grew to manhood His faithful dog,Would have followed Him all through the day.

While He preached to the crowds and made the sick well And knelt in the garden to pray.

It is sad to remember that Christ went away.

To face death alone and apart.

With no tender dog following close behind, To comfort its Master's Heart.

And when Jesus rose on that Easter morn, How happy He would have been, As His dog kissed
His hand and barked it's delight, For The One who died for all men.

WELL, the Lord has a dog now, I just sent Him mine,The old pal so dear to me.

And I smile through my tears on this first day alone, Knowing they're in eternity.

Day after day, the whole day through,Wherever my road inclined,Four feet said, "Wait, I'm

coming with you!"And trotted along behind.

Rudyard Kipling

Rest in Peace my faithful friend....you will be sadly missed.


threecollie said...

So sorry Deb. What a wonderful quotation

Paintsmh said...

I'm so so sorry Deb.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh Deb, so sorry.

Country Whispers said...

A wonderful poem but so sad that you lost your friend.

Christy said...

It's so hard to lose a pet! I still miss my dog and he's been gone 5 years.

Anonymous said...

The poem is beautiful, Deb.
I know it is hard to lose a friend like Barney.
I am so sorry.


Joanna said...

Barney had great face. Our "pets" are family, in fact, my pets are my best friends too. I'm sorry for your loss Deb.

Kelly said...

Oh, Deb, I'm so sorry. Barney was a nice dog, I liked him. He had a good life living free on the farm.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am very sorry. Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem:)

Candy Duell said...

I am so sorry about Barney. The poem was very nice!

kristi said...

A very poetic tribute for a companion who obviously brought much happiness to you and your family....my thoughts are with you today:)

Nancy K. said...

Sending you cyber hugs.
I know how much it hurts....

Sheepmama said...

I feel for you. Knows from own experience as it hurts very much to lose an animal.

Deb said...

Thank you to each and everyone one of you for taking the time to leave me a comment and for your condolensces. I truly appreciate it!
Today has been a day of reflection without the constant pool of tears. In our family, as in so many others, our pets become family members and when it's their time to move on, it's such a heartfelt loss.

My belief that my Barney dog is in a better place, without pain and suffering along with all the wonderful memories we have of him, will help ease the pain as the days go by.

Thank you again :)

DayPhoto said...

Oh, I cried! This is so sad! My heart is with you!


Tammy said...

Very sorry to hear about Barney. It's so terrbily hard to see them go, even if they have lived 'long' lives. They are part of the family and they leave a big gap. Take care of yourself.

Egghead said...

I'm so sorry. What a beautiful poem. I love it.

Shirley said...

What a wonderful tribute to your faithful friend!

Joanne said...

I was so sad to hear of Barney's passing. Please know I'm sending you a big hug. Losing a pet is like losing a part of the family.

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