Sunday, June 29, 2008

A little of this, a little of that............

I'm not sure where the last few days have gone.............we've been right out straight, completing many little projects and tackling some of the bigger ones that need to be done this time of year.


This is our livestock guardian and farm protector, Chaco. Isn't he a handsome fellow? :) Chaco was given to me by some friends a few years back when I was having predator problems. He is a BLM donkey and has been in our area about 7 years. He has a great personality and will do anything that he feels like doing! He does do a great job keeping predators out of the pasture and letting us know if coyotes or anything else is around. He has a very addicting personality and I can't imagine the farm without him (well - maybe some days ) :) We have a new farrier that has come to trim his feet. It wasn't horrible but it definitely was entertaining. After an 1 hour and 20 minutes, donkey has nicely trimmed feet. The farrier has even agreed to come back and do it again.

8 Tons of Hay

We are still dealing with severe thunderstorms on a daily basis. Compared to the folks in the midwest, we have nothing to complain about but the storms are making it impossible for the farmers to make hay in the southern part of the state. It's sad to see the hay going to seed in the fields. With the heavy rains the hay is lodging and that makes it even harder. 100 miles north of us they are in just enough of a different weather pattern where they have had four or five days straight without rain and are making hay, mostly the big round bales. We drove north on Thursday and brought home four. 227 miles round trip. A long day for sure but we really needed the hay. We met a nice farm family and they make great hay. We are going back next week for a load similar to the one in the photo that we hauled last November. We will pick up 32 bales which will last us about 4 months. Hopefully by then the farmer we normally buy from 20 miles from us will have hay. If not, we know we can go North and get another load.

Tylerfarm's Robin

Our lambs are starting to go to their new homes. It always makes me a little sad to see them go. This sweet little ewe was our first to go. She went to a great home not to far away so I'll get to see her occasionally and watch her mature. Her new owner's were so happy to have her and I know she's lucky to live at their farm.

Hand felted goats milk soap

Friday is Farmer's Market and we will be open on the 4th of July ~ We are expecting many more people as most have the day off for the holiday. I make this felted goats milk soap and sold out at the market last friday. I made a few bars tonight after dinner and hopefully will have a good amount ready for friday. I'm really enjoying my friday mornings in the park and am getting to know my neighbors that I haven't met in all the years we have lived here.Easter Egg Radishes

The gardens are doing well inspite of all the rain. These easter egg radishes are delicious. Not too hot and spicy, but just enough zip to them. We are harvesting lettuces and greens and cabbages. Love that fresh coleslaw. I will take produce to the market for the first time this week.

Today I added winter savory to my herb garden. I'm not familiar with it other than what I've read. It's a perennial in our area and they tell me it's wonderful in soups, stuffings, herbal vinegars, cheeses, etc. It will be fun to harvest it and experiment with it. Anyone grow this?


nita said...

LOL I thought of you tonight, we had a thunderstorm. Which rarely happens here. However, the few drops of rain we did get, felt good after our 100* temp yesterday.
The weather is crazy everywhere - I'm paying more attention since my blogroll has farms from all over. It seems everyone is having one or another kind of weather challenge.

Glad you were able to procure some hay. We won't start until after the 4th and that will be at a lower elevation, so it will be ready.

threecollie said...

Same story here on the hay. Not a bit made yet except some we are feeding to calves in the barn. Good luck with the market!