Monday, June 9, 2008

Idle time............


We keep guineas for several reasons. I like them.....I think they are unique looking.....I enjoy watching them but the main purpose for keeping them is tick and bug patrol and patrol they do. They start at daybreak and they work all day long. They move in a group, picking and pecking their way along. They all head back for the guinea house single file just before dark. Before the guineas, the ticks here were terrible. We've had the guineas 10 years now. So far this year, I've found just two ticks on the dogs.

As you can see by the photo, even the guineas decided to take the day off. It was so still here today and the air was so heavy it was almost eerie. No usual sounds outside. All the animals were lying in the shade, sheep and cattle chewing their cuds. Chickens were panting, doing all they could to stay cool. The breeze picked up this afternoon and I thought a storm was brewing but not a drop in our area. Iwas in the barn early this morning and decided it was a good day for paperwork and errands. Too hot to garden for sure.

Painted turtle
This little guy showed up near the garden after dinner tonight. Not sure where he came from. We have never had a turtle here. He was right in front of the wood shed, not to far from the house. Didn't seem in a big hurray to go anywhere. We photographed him, made sure he wasn't hurt and let him go on his way. I love turtles and was very excited that he showed up. Not sure where he will end up but I'm sure he knows where he is going :)


nita said...

Sorry about your heat - things are crazy, it is snowing the mountains near here, which means cold winter rain :( Love the pics of the flowers and garden, and the lambs are adorable. The pigs look great!
Hope you get some heat moderation soon!

threecollie said...

Great shots of the turtle! I love to see them.

Deb said...

Snow!! so hard to imagine it that refreshingly cool anywhere right now..although I'm sorry it will mean cold winter rains for you. The weather is as unstable as everything else it seems. Scary....we are supposed to cool off towards the end of the week. It's been great for the gardens :)

That turtle is still here - we are a good distance from the river. I just can't figure out how he/she got here. It did't seem frightened although the dogs made it retreat into it's shell :)

Nancy M. said...

Cool pictures! We got some guinea keets a few weeks ago to help with bugs. It will be a while until we can let them out. I have heard they will run away if we let them out too soon.

Deb said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for visiting and congrats on your keets!What you have heard if correct - don't let them out too soon, we leave ours in their "house" about 8 weeks before we let them out. Once they do go out, they will always come home at night.
Have fun!