Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Year of the Ram.....

Lambing is officially over at Tylerfarm. We had a total of 38 lambs. 24 rams, 14 ewes. Not sure why we had so many ram lambs but I'll definitely have to have a chat with Mr. Finn, our resident ram, to make sure that doesn't happen again!

My favorite ewe, Penny, delivered QUADS yesterday. She started about 7 am and finished about 10. She delivered three ram lambs before chores were finished and I must say I was disappointed. I would have loved a ewe lamb from her. She's so sweet and friendly. Oh well - I needed to separate milk and finish my chores so I headed for the house.
Penny and her four babies

After chores I went back to the barn to take her a bucket of warm molasses water and to make sure she had passed her afterbirth. I was very surprised to find another lamb and it was a ewe! I was so happy :) They are all very tiny but seem strong and it didn't take any of them long to get up. Penny has a good milk supply and all the babies seem to be nursing and taking turns. I love to cuddle them under my neck. They smell so good. This ewe is 6 years old and gives us triplets or quads every year. Delivers on her own and raises her babies without issue. On top of that gives me 6 pounds of beautiful fiber each year. Her sister, Chammy, had triplets as is as good natured. The babies seem to inherit that good nature from the ewes. All are normally friendly.

Purple Bearded Iris

I've been waiting all spring for this beauty to blossom. My favorite color is Mom gave me two of these bulbs as a gift a couple of years ago. They didn't blossom last year. Once I saw the bud this spring, I've been watching it everyday. It was definitely worth the wait. The other should blossom next week sometime.

Yellow Lupines

We had a storm move through last night. Nothing severe but a thunderstorm none the less. It provided us with a good soaking rain, which we really needed as it's been 90 or above everyday for the last 4 days. Today it was cooler and drier and everything looked crisp and fresh. Beans were popping up all day in the garden. I know I sure felt better - I know that some people like that hot, humid weather. They can definitely have it!


nita said...

Beautiful babies,and the mom too! I'm glad you got your ewe lamb. It's always nice to get a female to carry on those desirable traits.

Congratulations on the rain - fire is always worry. We don't get that humidity here, maybe once or twice a season, I couldn't take it on a steady basis.

threecollie said...

Quads! That is really awesome. They are just beautiful too!