Sunday, June 8, 2008

Odds & Ends......

Temp at 3:35 p.m. 94degrees........Nothing is moving. Animals and human alike have taken cover and are just waiting for the cooler temps of the night air. The heat and humidity are great for making hay, great for the gardens but it's too hot, too soon for me. The cattle actually prefer the barn to being outside when it's this hot. There is always a breeze in the barn and it's dark. I spend alot of time in the alley in the summer with an iced tea. Sometimes it's the ONLY place there is a breeze on the whole place......and it's quiet.

Yesterday we fenced the north garden. Danny loves to chase the barn cats. The barn cats love to frequent my Mom's multitude of bird feeders. The garden is directly in the path from the barn to my Mom's. The fence was necessary. I lasted outside until about 2pm.

North garden fence

The pigs have a mud corner and manged to stay cool. They were dirty at chore time but lined up at the feeders with their usual appetites!

Hungry pigs

Lambs sleeping under the feeder in the shade, trying to stay cool.

Hermit & company IN the feeder

The sheep and lambs were happy for a little hay in the feeders this afternoon even though they have a nice grass pasture to graze. They must have come in and out 3 dozen times today. Just couldn't stay out long in the intense heat. The feeders are in the shade of the barn by mid afternoon.

Somethings around here really love this heat:

Oriental Poppy
This beauty is the only one that blossomed this year in my garden. I love the brilliant color. It only lasted about three days. The heavy rains we had really damaged the bloom.

Lavender Columbine

Perennial garden


threecollie said...

Once again, beautiful babies and lovely gardens. I did my water garden very cheaply with a plastic stock water tank....but it works pretty well.

Joanne said...

Whew, it is hot everywhere just now! Glad to see you are taking it easy in the's necessary for everybody (cows included) to take cover when it is so very hot. I hope your farm cools down soon!

Deb said...

the plastic stock tank was a great idea. Those fancy pond liners are very expensive. I'll mention that to Steve - maybe we can do that this summer :)'

Your right - it seems it's hot everywhere. I'm thankful we are only having intense heat and not the terrible storms that are raging through other parts of the country. They say cooler weather is on it's way soon!

Christy said...

Those are some cute sheep. What type are they?

Deb said...

Hermit is a shetland sheep. I also have finn sheep and have shetland/finn crosses. A couple coopworth in there as well :)

Christy said...

Hermit is cute! I already asked you about your shetlands didn't I? I can't remember who all I talked to about them.