Friday, June 20, 2008

Crappy weather does not make the garden grow.......

We have been in a funky weather pattern this last week or so. One minute the sun is out, the next we are getting torrential rain, golf ball size hail and 60 mile an hour wind. It's been difficult to accomplish anything outside. I can only work in short bursts between storms. The gardens are muddy and the plants very tender. Growth has been minimal. The rain is beneficial but we have had chilly temps along with it. They are predicting some actual summer weather the next few days and hopefully things will really start to grow. After a shower this evening, we had a brief rainbow.

We picked up a load of new hay yesterday ~ it smells delicious! I am always so eager to fill the upstairs of the barn with fresh, new hay. It's s a secure feeling to know our winter feed is in. The animals were very grateful this morning. They all got a taste :) I have a feeling we will be hauling more at the end of next week if it doesn't rain.

Today was our second farmer's market Friday. A smaller crowd but folks were as enthusiastic as last week. A few repeat customers which is great. It's nice to be remembered and to have a product that people are willing to come back for. I think as summer goes on, the market will be very successful. It's going to be great for our little village.


nita said...

Nice rainbow, too bad you have to get the torrential rain to get that view.
It is comforting to get the hay in isn't it - knowing that your animals will be taken care of in the winter to come.
This is a sidenote to a earlier post - have you thought about listing your farm and meat on the EATWILD website? Local people can find you from that site, since it it categorized by state & town. It is an excellent way to market, since some people aren't able to get to farmers markets. The information about healthy farming is continually updated on that site and it is a non-profit. The people that run that are wonderful. They receive about 8000 hits a day from people looking for healthy meat products. At least check it out just for the info. Hope your weather settles down for you. This will be a challenging gardening year for sure.

Deb said...

Thank you for the heads up about EATWILD. What a great site. I wasn't aware that it existed. I'm looking forward to checking in out again when I have more time :)