Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Woodland beauty......

We are fortunate to live at the end of a long dirt driveway. In the morning I drive Tyler up to wait for the bus. Often Mom and I will walk up at lunchtime to collect the mail and we will walk up to meet Tyler in the afternoon when the bus arrives. Today Tom and I walked up at lunchtime as we had just finished planting the gardens and I was ready for a break. The driveway is wooded on both sides and it smells great and often in the middle of the day it's quiet here. I enjoy the walk. We happened to look off in the woods and saw these beautiful flowers - Lady Slippers
Once I started looking around, we counted about 15 or so. These are one of my favorite woodland flowers. I also love the trilliums although I haven't seen one in the woods here in Maine. We have very sandy soil and wild blueberries thrive. We pick quarts and quarts later in the summer. The lady slippers are often hiding among the blueberry bushes and we don't see them unless we are really looking for them. We will enjoy them now for a couple of weeks and they will be gone until next year.


rellen said...
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rellen said...

It has been wonderfull getting to spend so much time with you outside this spring mom! Everything is looking great, and the blog is beautifull. I really dont know where you find the time.
I feel so fortunate to be learning how to coincide in harmony with the land upon wich we live. I couldnt be more proud to have a pilgrim....umm... i mean mother like you.
love ya,