Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When the unexpected happens.........

I don't think that anyone gets up in the morning and thinks "maybe I'm going to have an accident today". I know I never do. I'm very comfortable in my role here. That being said, I'm not foolish - I'm careful - I do not take anything for granted working around livestock or equipment. I'm normally very healthy other than being a chronic migraine sufferer and being injured or ill doesn't set well with me. There's simply not time enough in the day to spend time recovering.
Yesterday was a completely different story and whether I have time or not, I'll be spending the next couple of days recovering. My accident happened in the pig pen. It wasn't really the pigs fault completely - I was trying to do several things at once. Tom and I had worked in the hot sun all day and both of us were beat and probably had a touch of sun stroke and needed a break. I just had to get this one last chore finished before milking. I just couldn't let it wait until today.

The culprits

The pigs have grown quickly and I really do not like to get in the pig pen. These guys make me really nervous but in I got to move around some new sand that we dumped in. We've had so much rain and it's muddy in there. In my haste to get this done, I took quite a knock to the left side of my forehead. My only real fear was that I was going to pass out in the pig pen! I made Tom promise to throw me out of there should I pass out. Thankfully I didn't and we finished the job and I headed for the house for some ice. Today I'm sporting a beautiful shiner around my left eye that's several shades of black and blue :) Rather sore and a mild headache. I was lucky - it could have been much worse. I'll heal in a few days and be back to normal. I WON'T be getting back in that pig pen!!! Not how I expected the day was going to end.

North garden tomatoes

On a happier note we've had two days without thunderstorms. The gardens have dried out a little and everything looks great today. A few more dry days would be so helpful.

I've had this white beach rose for years and this is the first year it's blossomed. It smells wonderful! It has tons of buds on it. I'm hoping it blossoms for quite some time.

No matter how careful we all are, a friendly reminder doesn't do any harm. Please be careful as you go about your days work :)


nita said...

I'm glad you're OK. That sounds like a nasty bump. It was good that Tom was there. It's such a busy time of year - that you just hate being laid up.
I hope that shiner isn't green on your market day :)

Paintsmh said...

Ouch! You poor dear! I hope you are feeling alright.

threecollie said...

Oh, poor Deb, that is awful! I hope it gets better quickly. We are in the same boat putting sand in our new calf pens because of all the rain. We need some haying weather!

Deb said...

Thanks.....I look like a space alien this morning. My kids are having fun with that :) I am lucky Tom was there. I never would have gotten in with those pigs had he not been with me. I'm praying I don't scare anyone off come market day!

Your sweet....I feel fine, thanks -just sore. Sre did make me stop and think!

Thanks, The bruising is moving farther down the eye but otherwise I'm sure the healing process has begun.
The sand really made a difference in the pig pen - two days without rain has helped as well. Good luck with the hay weather. We are all struggling, for sure.

Nancy K. said...

I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend, Deb! I am frequently reminded of how dangerous it is, raising and taking care of animals and I don't have anyone to help me out so I simply CAN'T get hurt....