Tuesday, July 8, 2008

summer work keeping us busy.........

We are in a HHH pattern right now. It's was close to 100 today! We've had very little rain for five straight days so farmers are making hay like crazy. I love looking up in the barn and see the hay stacking up nicely. Very little movement around here during the middle of the day. It's extremely humid - just walking from the house to the barn causes you to sweat profusely. We have to refill water tubs several times a day. Most of the animals eat and drink their fill at night when it's cooler. They spend their days in the shade.

Early morning breakfast

The sheep enjoy feeding early morning as well. This is about 5:30 am. Once 10:30 rolls around they head for the sheep sheds and the shade. Same with the cattle and the goats.

Lambs will eat anytime :)

We are starting to get ready for Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine in September. We have been skirting wool, getting it ready to send to the processor. She will send it back as nice clean yarn which we will dye with wonderful colors in August. Anthing that will be processed into roving won't come back until later in the month so it's nice and fluffy for the fair. When I can't be in the gardens because of the heat and humidity, I have a spot beside the house in the shade where I can skirt fleece and prepare wool to ship out. It's relaxing and keeps me outside. Banjo usually keeps me company as you can see from the photo below.

Stay cool and comfy wherever you are .....


nita said...

Banjo looks like our dogs - just laying low. We rarely have high humidity here during the summer, most of the time we are in the 30% range or lower. The woods will be in a 1:00 shutdown soon. No chainsaws or equipment and then at least 1 hour of fire watch after that.
I've seen pictures of the Common Ground Fair - it looks wonderful. Such an array of displays and goods. It's hard to think of working with wool while it is this hot.
Great pictures!

Nancy K. said...

I need to get a bunch of fleece ready to send in for processing too! It's supposed to be in the mid nineties and very humid here tomorrow as well. Maybe that's what I'll work on...

I always worry about the animals when it's hot and humid ~ they sure seem miserable ~ Banjo looks like he handles it quite well!


Joanne said...

Thanks for your kind post on my blog about canning! Good to know other people also feel worried (ahem) they need to plan about winter... I am loving your photos of the farm. It looks beautiful--and hot, too. We've had hot weather as well but I am lucky to have air conditioning most of the time. Even so, there are two dogs here who spend a lot of time lying in the shade like Banjo!

Deb said...

I think our dogs have the right idea :)
I listen to the news when I can about the forest fires out your way. I lost my home to a fire about 25 years ago. I'm still terrified of fire of any kind. We had a forest fire near our farm last year - thankfully the river is across the street. They were hauling water out of the river with helicopters and we had nothing to worry about.
A mild day with low humidity today - I enjoyed skirting wool in the shade with a breeze and my dog :)

nancy k,
I don't mind the heat, it's the humidity that gets to me so quickly. Today was beautiful - 80's but drier air - I skirted about 20lbs worth. It was a fun! I love the smell of freshly shorn wool :)

Your welcome and thanks. Ienjoy your photos as well. It's fun to travel vicariously through others. Thanks for sharing your journeys.
We have room air conditioners but we are dragging our feet when it comes to putting them in. We just installed ceiling fans in each of the bedrooms and it really makes a difference. I'm sure the air conditioners will be coming soon!
Enjoy that jam :)