Monday, July 14, 2008

Day to day..............

Rosemary and Basil Herb Garden

All has been quiet on the farm the last few days. Summer weather continues. It's cloudy and foggy this morning and we are crossing our fingers for rain. It's dry again although not dangerously so. The gardens could all use a good drenching. We are enjoying a good harvest every Friday for Farmer's Market and I'm waiting anxiously for my first tomato! Tons of green but no red yet. Shouldn't be long..............

Had a break in outside work on Saturday so I made our butter for the week. The photo above is butter I just dumped out of the churn. I set the cream out about about 4 hours before I was ready to churn and it we only churned about 5 minutes and we had butter.

In this photo I've rinsed the buttermilk out. I like lightly salted butter so I've added a small amount and am working that in.

I've worked in the salt and worked all the water and air bubbles out of the butter. I have a French butter keeper that holds 1/2 lb butter balls so I freeze them that way. Today I made 3 lbs. I make butter once a week as a rule, sometimes twice. It freezes nicely and thaws quickly.

Pansies and the sheep will greet you on my front porch steps :)

I'm off to make raspberry turnovers before chores. A very good friend of mine is coming for a visit this morning. We don't see each other often and it's a great day for a visit.

Have a great day!


Nancy K. said...

I'd like to come visit you!!!


Deb said...

nancy k,
I'd love to have you come visit me! (could you bring me a couple of those gorgeous sheep of yours in your luggage when you come? :)