Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weaning day...........

Today is weaning day. The "choir" above have been singing the blues since this morning when we separated them from the ewes. I always feel sad when I have to do this but I know it's best for the ewes and the lambs. Some of these poor little critters have laryngitis so bad tonight they can hardly baaaaa. They will be back to normal in a couple of days. They can see the ewes through the fence so it's not as traumatic as if I moved them out of sight. I tell myself that and it makes me feel better :) " Magpie"

Magpie didn't miss her Mom as much as her Mom was missing her. I bought a new shetland ram last year to combine with three ewes I already had, trying to get lambs this lovely moorit color. I have not been at all disappointed. She's a beauty and will stay on the farm. I'm hoping once she's weaned, she might become a little friendlier.

Woody, Quail & Towhee

These three handsome fellows are purebred shetland ram lambs out of the new ram. They are a little over two months old and have great horn growth already. They are rams through and through and already know what their jobs will be. It was time to get them away from the little girls.


This is another shetland/finn cross ewe lamb. I haven't decided if she stays on the farm or if she will be sold. She's lovely if you like bold color and markings and her fleece is going to be beautiful.

Jay, Kite & Phoebe

All the lambs are very curious about people but shy. They seem to find their nerve once they are separated from the ewes. These little guys couldn't wait to come and check me out and check out the camera today. Two days ago, when they were still with the ewes, many of these babies wouldn't have anything to do with me. I have a sand chair meant for the beach that I sit in out in the lamb paddock. After a few minutes, many of them are climbing in my lap, chewing on my earrings, hair, shoelaces, etc. It's a nice way to spend a few minutes in the afternoon, especially after a very hectic day :)


threecollie said...

Wish we lived closer! If you decided to sell her you could probably find a customer here. lol

Paintsmh said...

Probably? Momma I would buy that little darling in two heartbeats!! Granted Dad would strangle me...

And I could SO enjoy plopping a chair down and cuddling babies!

Nancy K. said...

what beautiful babies! I have one ewe lamb that escaped the ewe lamb paddock and got in with the rams! She's quite content, now that she's back in with her twin brother.... THAT's not going to last long!


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

The lambs look beautiful, their colors are wonderful. It's too bad you can't reason with them during weaning, it would make it go a lot easier!

Deb said...

NY isn't that far away from Maine...lol -

Dad's are like that aren't they? He would love her after a day or two :)

nancy k,
thanks....they can be little escape artists can't they? I found out the hard way how quickly young ram lambs mature...hope she's back where she needs to be!

Your right - it would be alot easier :) I was fixing the lambs hay feeder this afternoon and my son couldn't believe how friendly they were....they are completely different once you get them away from the ewes and they have to make choices for themselves.