Friday, August 8, 2008

A wishy - washy week......

I've been so reluctant to post this week........I've been short on time and I didn't want to waste what time I had whining. I'm not usually a person who suffers from depression but I think that's been my problem. That and lack of sunshine. I can't remember the last time we've seen it. The rain has been relentless. It has taken it's toll on everyone and everything. It just won't let up and the extended forecast isn't great. We have water where we have never had water before. My poor pigs have a flooded pig house but they are burrowing in the round bale and seem very content and dry. I hope so.....I can't do a thing about the water right now. I think that's my frustration - I can't fix this mess.
Several neighboring towns have many roads closed due to high water and people are being forced to evacuate their homes. One of our largest businesses, LLBean had to close and tell it's employees to stay home because none of the roads leading into Freeport were impassable. That has to be a first. Certainly not helpful for a struggling economy.

south pasture road
not a pond but my new pasture

Looking on the bright side, the gardens are surviving it although the weeds are growing quicker than the vegetables. I hesitate to do anymore than I have to in the gardens because everywhere I step creates more mud and the plants are so tender. I'm definitely not pulling weeds in a thunderstorm.

I have the best crop of green peppers I have ever had. I picked 30 peppers today in between rain showers. I harvested green and purple basil tonight for the first time. I'll offer it for sale at farmer's market tomorrow in 1oz and 2oz bags. We also harvested cukes, summer squash, and 2 bushel of green beans. In the morning I'll harvest broccoli, swiss chard, lettuce, mescalin mix, spinach and sunflowers for market.

My tomatoes are ripening very s-l-o-w-l-y. I found my first creepy crawly (tomato hornworm) two days ago. I must have picked off 50 since then. I LOVE feeding them to my guineas and chickens. I hate these things. Just when I think I'm not going to get them, they show up!

The hateful hornworm

My zucchini isn't doing as well in all this rain but we are still getting a few. Mom and I made zucchini relish yesterday. Our entire family enjoys this so we try to put up as much as possible to get us through the season.

The wild blueberries and blackberries are plentiful as well as lots of greenery for the deer and other wildlife to enjoy.

wild blueberries & balsam

honeydew melons - we are never sure if we will have a long enough growing season or not for them to ripen but it's always worth a try - especially when they make it!

Daylillies that have survived the pounding rain

Garden glads adorning my coffee table - my favorite :)

I wish you all a great weekend filled with sunshine :)


Nita said...

Oh Deb, no wonder you are depressed, that is awful. I don't think anyone will think you are whining!
Your veggies look great though. Do you ever loan out your Mom? hehe

Hope the weather gets better and you have a great market!

threecollie said...

Your glads and vegetables are simply gorgeous!
I am so sorry to hear about your weather though. Looks like it is worse there than here and it is bad enough here. I don't blame you a bit for being depressed. Summer is so short. There is so much to cram into it that simply must be done. It is devastating when the weather doesn't cooperate. I hope you get some better weather soon and good luck with the market.

Nancy K. said...

I've never tried canning and quite sure that I never will. Nor do I have a vegetable garden ~ only a pumpkin patch for the sheep! I'm in awe of people who do all the things that you do.

I wish you SUNSHINE....

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wish we could import some of your rain to this corner of the country; I can't imagine why your garden is doing so well without sunshine to go with the moisture!

Deb said...

I think my Mom would love to visit your neck of the woods :)
Market was sluggish but it was certainly understandable. The sun came out for about 6 hours. I'm sure people were enjoying the first dry weather we have had in quite a long time, doing yard work and whatever else has been adding up since the rains started. It was wonderful to just sit in the sun!

thanks :) I know you are experiencing the wet, rainy weather as well. We all cope the best we can. Some days are just easier than others :)
It looks like we might get some hay weather next week. I hope you do as well - I know you sure could use it.

You have accomplished so much in a very short time. You should be very proud of yourself! We all do what works for us. We are all amazing! It's just easy to forget that sometimes. Thanks for the sunshine, I'll take more :)

I'd love to send the rain your way!! Not too much - just the right amount :) Tons of green tomatoes but they are not ripening - nice, big ears on the corn plants but they are not ripening either. They need heat and sunshine. The nights have been cool and daytime temps not getting out of the low 60's. Starting to feel like sweater weather!

Joanne said...

OH, I know just what you mean about the weather. It really can make things miserable. Last year in this time we were suffering from a long long hot drought. It made life seem almost intolerable. I can't believe the contrast though--this year, I am grateful every day for cooler, damper weather. I just wish you could get a break in the rainshowers up there!

Deb said...

Thanks - it has been somewhat drier the last two days. A thunderstorm last night but at least we aren't getting inches of rain as we were a few days ago. I can remember not long ago we were suffering with drought conditions as well. Just doesn't seem to be a happy medium with the weather. They are predicting sun tomorrow - I'll belive it when I see it! Hoping to pick blueberries if it's true :)