Friday, August 29, 2008

Full to the brim............

We have been having beautiful DRY weather for the past few nights, warm days with low humidity. Starting to remind me of fall. Everything smells and feels so crisp in the mornings. We hauled hay yesterday, and I was surprised to see how red the maple leaves are turning already and it's still August. As usual, no camera when I needed it.

We added another 6 ton to the upper hay barn and it is full to the brim. We couldn't get another bale up there no matter how hard we pushed! We put these round bales up through the front doors with the tractor and then roll them down through the barn. The left side is filled with squares, the right with rounds.

We can access the upstairs from the inside of the barn. The round bales are just about covering the stairway, they are so packed in. We left just enough room for me to squeeze up through the throw the square bales down through the trap door and for the barn cats :)

This will be enough feed to get us through most of the winter. I buy large round bales from a local farmer. Because I don't have enough storage, he stores them for me and I picked them as I need them. Usually 4 a month or so for the cattle feeder outside. Works out well for me and it's good business for him.

I couldn't resist this photo - this is Hermit.....he stood by the fence and watched us unload the entire load of hay. Yes - I did give in when we were finished and gave him a forkful of the yummy stuff !


Nita said...

He looks the Quality Control Officer to me - he knew you would be a soft touch.

Great post - we're getting rain again tonight and they are predicting snow in the ski areas :(

Deb said...

Hermit wasn't a freindly fellow at birth but if I sit and just wait, he will come check me out :O)

I'm sorry about the rain. Are you in a normal rainy season now or is this unusual? Snow?? Do you like it or hate it?

Pamela said...

Love all that hay!