Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hangin' around..............

Tyler discovered this little tree frog hanging around on the hitching rail the other day. He was quite content basking in the sunshine and certainly didn't mind having his photo taken. They are the most interesting little creatures. He was so tiny - they have discs at the ends of their toes and fingers which helps them "cling" to everything and springs for legs. Holy cow can this little dude jump!!

We used maple posts for the supports for the hitching post. These posts are three years old. Even though it's dead, this post has leaves growing out of it and lichen all over it which the frogs like to use for camouflage. I was amazed Tyler saw him settled down in the leaves.

Sure is tiny isn't he? Occasionally we have them stuck to the outside of the picture window on the house. It's so cool to see them from the underside as they are stuck there.

We have a great eco- system here and have many different species of frogs. We love listen to the chorus as it begins to get dark in the evening. We sure miss that when cold weather rolls around. Fall is definately in the air............changes are coming.


threecollie said...

I LOVE them! We used to only hear them up in the field, but now they live right down near the house.

Nita said...

Darling - we so love our frogs too. They are good temperature gauges, if we get a Chinook warmup in the winter, they will warm up and start croaking. Soon as it gets cold again they stop.

Great pics!

Pamela said...

I can't believe how tiny the little frogs are. Absolutely amazing!