Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Under the weather........

I've been under the weather the last few days. I hate to get behind but occasionally I get a migraine that just shuts me down completely. It came on Monday morning before I got out of bed. If I'm lucky I'm only down a couple of days. I missed chores Monday evening. I rarely do that because of illness - but it was necessary. Thankfully Tom stepped in and took care of the animals. Around lunchtime the boys brought me in this beautiful bouquet of garden flowers to put on my bedside table. I'm so lucky - I have great kids :)

My second box of peaches arrived and I'm chomping at the bit to get them processed. I'm hoping either this evening or tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to try freezing some of them as recommended by a fellow blogger.
I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon taking it easy - below are a few photos of my farm buddies that were happy to see me this morning:





The boys: Mr. Finn, Graham, Cactus & Jacob

Have a great day~


Nancy K. said...

What beautiful 'farm buddies'!!
Feel better!

Paintsmh said...

I'm sorry you have felt so poorly. I got a lot of migraines when I was younger, which for the most part have thankfully gone away, and they were so terrible! You have my utter sympathies! So glad people could take over for you so you could rest up. And aww pretty friends!!!

Nita said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine, my DH suffers from those too. It is a terrible thing. It's nice that your family is able to take care of you, I'm sure they appreciate all the hard work you do, getting a winters worth of food up.

Great pics - hope your better soon.

threecollie said...

So sorry to hear that you have been ill. Hope you are 100% very quickly. Lovely bouquet!

Deb said...

nancy k,
Thank you :)

I'm glad you don't get migraines anymore. It's horrible when a young person has to suffer with them. I'm very lucky Tom is home -I sure appreciate his help :)

Sorry your DH has to suffer with them as well. No one should have to live with them!
I'm lucky - I have a great family. We all work together and take care of each other :)

Thank you!
I love flowers and they have done well this year inspite of all the rain.

Joanne said...

Oh, feel better soon! How wonderful to have children and "friends" eagerly waiting your return to usual routines. :) Enjoy those peaches. Mine are all frozen and in the freezer-I do it on a cookie sheet, on top of wax or parchment paper, and freeze each slice separately. Later, I collect them all and put them into freezer bags. double bag (with any old second bag) for extra safety from freezer burn...

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, especially in the summer when "produce waits for no man" (or woman). Our local peaches should be ready soon. I still have plenty in the freezer, so we'll probably just each a box fresh. We're finally getting some rain, and it's very welcome after a dry late spring and early summer.

Deb said...

Thank you for the well wishes and the tips for freezing peaches. I'm really looking forward to making a peach pie this winter and the peaches being so fresh!

Your right - the veggies are piling up, waiting to be processed. That makes it all that much more difficult while I lay there, feeling so frustrated, my head pounding! But.....when your body says, quit, listeining is a good thing.
Glad your getting some rain. Those of us in the Northeast would have gladly sent you some weeks ago! :) Hope you get all that you need.