Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming up for air..............

Guineas on a foggy morning

An incredibly busy week has passed..............just can't believe so much can change in just a few days! I have a ton to write about but I promise this will not be a book :O) Life on the farm changes daily - which is a good thing I think. I surely don't get bored. Perhaps that's why it's the lifestyle that suits me so well.
This has been a week of firsts for my youngest son, Tyler and I'm so proud of him and the way he has handled himself. He was invited to test for his purple belt in karate last friday and completed his test with flying colors!

"Meditating - "do I remember all my moves?"

He has been in Karate since 9/28 /07. He has worked very hard and given 100% effort. It means alot to him to succeed. It has taught him so much about self confidence and self esteem.

He practices everyday and lifts weights. We couldn't be happier with his achievements and how he has grown since he joined. His attitude about everything is so much better.

Today was the first day of 8th grade for Tyler. He wasn't as nervous as usual. He looked quite spiffy as he got on the bus ( he requested that I not photograph him this year on the front step as I usually do :) and I didn't cry this year. It's so difficult to let them grow up but that he is. I miss him - his witty little comments and our short conversations. I knew this house would be so quiet without him. Life is an adjustment everyday isn't it?

He's not my baby anymore but a young man...........which leads to the photo below. Daddy had to instruct him last night in the fine art of shaving. My little boy with a razor in his hand!!! He had a *cute* mustache that he absolutely hated. The kids tease him about it as he is quite masculine for almost 14 so off it went.

A very proud, much happier and less hairy Tyler :)

On a different note, the new motherboard and power supply have just arrived for the PC that crashed last week. The laptop had an issue as well so we were rather computerless for a day or two. The boys are happy that the PC will be up and running by tomorrow.

These beauties are thriving in the garden and I have several bouquets throughout the house and at my Mom's house as well.

The gardens are overflowing with produce and we have been busy canning and freezing. Tomorrow a farming post, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Aw! He's not the little boy who had so much fun with Kristin six years ago, is he. They grow up so fast. Kristin is now 24 and Taylor is a sophomore.

I was excited to find your blog yesterday!


Deb said...

Hey Robin - gosh has it been six years already?! Can't believe the girls are so grown up! I hope they are both doing well. How's everything on the farm?

Sharrie said...

Eighth grade boys are not soooo bad. I have been around a lot of them, and I really enjoyed them. I can understand why you miss having him at home. BUT....shaving.....big step!

Nancy K. said...

you must be SO proud...

threecollie said...

Handsome young man and fabulous flowers. Congratulations!

Nita said...

Glad your computer problems are fixed now, we were going through withdrawal with hardly any posts from you.

My daughter started high school today - I can't believe it. We're doing an online public school this year again, so she is here, but very diligent, so it is like she is gone...

They grow up so fast - looking forward to your next post!

Deb said...

Thanks for leaving a comment - hope you stop by often. your right - eighth grade boys are great- I sure love mine :)

nancy k,
I am!

Thank you :) Our children are such a blessing.

Thanks - that's sweet of you to say. I was having withdrawals not being able to do my regular blog reading! I need to keep up with what you all are doing :)

I didn't realize you could attend public school online. I wish Tyler would consider something like that. He loves his friends so the social aspect of school is important. He does well, gets good grades and uses his head. He's not a conformist. He doesn't give me cause to worry but I still do. I'm sure your daughter is extremely diligent - education takes up so much of their time. Another necessity.

Sondra said...

Good words.