Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's great to be home...............

We had a great weekend camping. We are so fortunate to have such a great spot to camp so close to home. I couldn't have gone without Tom being home to take care of things. I came home mornings to milk and do chores but he milked at night and did evening chores. Thanks Tom for a job well done!
The campground offers wonderful amenities for everyone and we all had a great time. The weather wasn't great - you never knew when a thunderstorm was going to blow in but we didn't let it stop us from enjoying ourselves. It was warm and we knew we wouldn't melt :)
They have a large private lake that is well stocked. Dave was the only lucky angler this trip and pulled in a nice bass. Of course, my camera wasn't handy at the time. The water is very clean and the kids enjoyed a swim in between rain showers and we all played a game of mini golf as well.

We started out years ago when Tyler was little with a pop-up tent camper. It didn't take us long to outgrow that. We were fortunate to pick up a 26 foot camper last year for a song. It needed a little work but was otherwise in great shape. It's so handy - everything can stay packed and when you want to go, you can just load the fridge, hook on and go. I guess I've reached the age where heat, hot water and a decent bed really make a difference in my life :)

Over the years Steve has collected several strings of "camping" lights that he likes to string up around the the campsite. Tree branches were spread out at this particular site so we had to make due. Mr. "I'm always prepared" (my DH) happened to have a ladder in the back of his worktruck (which he NEVER leaves home without :) I was designated to climb the ladder as I weigh less than the rest. They promised they wouldn't let me fall. After alot of good natured bantering, the lights were all up and looked really cute when night fell. Steve was happy and that's what mattered.

I love breakfast cooked over the open campfire - our own bacon, sausage & eggs :) We certainly ate well this weekend. We will all need to diet the rest of the week. We enjoyed our evening campfire, of course, the s'mores being the best part. The kids had sparklers and a friend of ours sent us with a bottle of home made blueberry champagne.

Our lives are all so busy that it almost requires as much effort to relax as it does to work. I was edgy for a couple of days - I kept feeling like I needed to get out of my chair and do something. It was worth the effort for sure :) Thank you Brian, Kelly & Kelsey for a great time - we are all looking forward to doing it again soon!


Paintsmh said...

We're glad to have you back. Hope Tom didn't have any difficulties while you were gone! And so happy you had a good time! That is most important.

Deb said...

Thanks.....Tom did a great job - no issues at all. Even Jan the milk cow behaved herself and didn't give him a hard time :)

Gathering with good friends is always a good time regardless of the circumstances!

How are all your new calves doing?

Paintsmh said...

The calves are doing awesome! I am going to try and get some pics of Monday today. And I have to photo both of my Blitz daughters...If I had some assistants I would try and get a shot of them together and with their new baby sister. But I don't think that is going to happen. Sigh. Ah well. I will try and post the pics tonight if I manage to get done fairly early!