Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Goat kids & friends.........

Tyler & Kelsey made great jungle gyms for the kids....

We spent part of the afternoon playing with the new goat kids. They are so much fun! They really love the attention and the Mom's don't mind having us all in the barn. Tyler & Kelsey were happy to roll around and let the babies climb all over them. Took them awhile to get their sea legs.
Raven getting a taste of Brian's hat

Goat kids explore everything with their mouths and their teeth. They do not walk. They boing.......this is a run, jump and spin all at the same time. It often appears that they have springs for legs. :0) Hard to catch this in motion with the camera.

Kelly getting a snuggle from Falcon

They now run to the gate when they think a human is approaching. Playtime!! They are already eating hay and taking small drinks of water from Mom's bucket. They all climb in the grain feeder in the mornings during feeding time which definitely aggravates the mom's.

Kelsey getting a smooch from Crow

We have a family with four small children coming to visit. They will have such fun with these little creatures. We certainly do. Like everything else, they grow quickly so we will enjoy them while we can. We are so lucky to be able to spend time just enjoying them.


threecollie said...

Awww....they are so cute! Right off the scale on the cute-o-meter

Nancy K. said...

Hi Deb ~
I don't know how I've missed your blog, thus far, but I just discovered it today and I absolutely love it! I swear I thought I had a link to you on my blog but I guess not. If it's OK with you, I'll add a link today!

Wonderful pictures!

Deb said...

3C - Thanks for taking a look. :)

Nancy - glad you visited. I visit your blog almost daily. I never get tired of seeing your gorgeous sheep! Thanks for adding a link to our blog, I appreciate it.


Lynnie said...

Very cute babies! I love the homemade jungle gym!
As a very small goat breeder myself I looked at your pics and thought, "Wow! Their barn is so clean!" We rake, add shavings, and then it is a mess again so soon!
Nice blog.

Ellen said...

Hi Debi,

Thay are so sweet!!! did you hear the rumor there is going to be a farmers market in SF??? I need to come over and get some manure for Dad's garden :)

Helen in Portsmouth said...

I need a goat snuggle too. I need to get to Tyler Farm pretty soon or I'll pop. Is that Kelly Corbett of the logo Kelly Corbett??

Helen in Portsmouth said...

I need a goat snuggle!
Is that Kelly C. of the logo Kelly?