Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lambing has begun..................

I knew the minute I turned my back on these girls, things would start popping around here.....sure enough Bella was the first to go.


Pheobe & Wren

Bella had her lambs a couple of hours before chores on thursday morning. Twin ewes, Wren (white) and Pheobe (black/white). Both were dried off and nursing when we arrived. These are coopworth/finn babies. Such long legs and healthy lungs! They are doing great and ready to be turned out of the jug with Mom.

Darby & Dove


Friday afternoon my nephew and I made a quick trip to the hardware store. We weren't gone 15 minutes before Tom called and told me Darby (Finn) had twin ewes! These are Darby's first babies. Dove & Sora are tiny but doing fine. So cuddly! Darby's Auntie PeaPod is next in line. I'll be surprised if she waits until morning. :0)

For some reason Blogger will not let me add any more photos for today. Stay tuned...................


threecollie said...

Your babies are gorgeous! I am filled with lamb envy. Our sheep are very old, retired and ramless, so no lambies here any more.
I had trouble with blogger too, but eventually it worked.

Shane said...

Deb, they're beautiful!!! And how exciting to start off the season with 4 ewes. I so desperately wish I was there! I can't wait to see all the babies to come...


Deb said...

Thanks Threecollie.....I'd be happy to share these lambies with you. :) They are such fun to snuggle with. I went out this afternoon and found five more! A set of triplets (we lost one) and another set of twins to a ewe I didn't know was bred (long story for another blog post).

Shane, I wish you were here too! Lambing just isn't the same without you. I'll try and get more photos up tomorrow of Kate's babies.
Love you ~