Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goats & Haircuts.......

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, we need to shear all the goats and sheep. I do my own shearing and have to start out doing two or three a day for the first week or so. First the pygora goats really needed to have their coats removed. We normally shear them in March but it was just to darn cold. As you can see in the photo, Lace has beautiful white curls and I was concerned that she would start to naturally shed her fiber if I didn't get to it quick enough. Fortunately, we sheared her just in time and the fiber is gorgeous.

Lace, Lark & Hawk

The does are sheared and everyone definitely feels better. I was pleased to see that everyone was in great shape under those heavy winter coats. The does still look pregnant!

I picked up pygora fiber that I had washed and carded at our local processing mill ( this past Saturday at our local Sheep and Wool Festival ( Diane blends the pygora with merino wool as pygora has no memory of it's own. It's just lovely. Their is a beautiful heathered gray and a bag full of white. Now to find time to sit on the front porch, enjoying the breeze and spin some of this lovely fiber........


bkkimball said...

Hi Deb,
Brian and I got a chance to catch up on your blog. Everything looks great. Love the picture of Tyler with the lamb. Vacation is over. Talk to you soon.
Kelly and Brian

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