Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kids & Lambs

(Goat kids making good use of Tom)

The weather is finally starting to moderate and get above freezing during the day. When the sun shines as it has in the last two days it feels downright balmy out there. It was dry enough on the west side of the barn to let the goat kids out with their Moms. They have the best time running, jumping, spinning, sliding on the snow and basically making the Does nuts trying to keep track of them. They are simply happy to be alive. We try to spend time with them each day although I've been immersed in tax preparation which just makes me treasure my time with them even more. As you can see from the photo, they just love it when Tom gets down on their level.

(kid toys )

Tom and my nephew, Dave built the kids a jungle gym to play on. They are on it all the time! They are growing so fast. They really don't look like babies anymore. They don't stop long enough for me to get good photos of them either. Now that they are outside I'm hoping to get some closeups and I'll post them here.


Sheep Update: the calendar said that lambing could start on 4/6/o8. Someone forgot to tell the sheep that! The day I took this photo of Bella, she was laying in the barn, complaining about her condition and I was just sure we would have lambs by choretime that evening. Nothing.......that was two days ago. Oh well ~ I'll get busy and not be thinking about lambs and when I get to the barn for morning chores, they will greet me at the door :-)

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nita said...

It looks like everyone is enjoying a sunny day!