Sunday, April 20, 2008

A little too busy!

I think April is the busiest month of the year on this farm and my favorite. Lambs being born almost everyday for the last 10 days and we have had 15 so far. I can really enjoy lambing now that tax day has come and gone. I absolutely dread tax day! It always comes out fine but for some reason I work myself into a real tizzy about it and am extremely relieved when April 16th arrives.

Our babies from the first of the month are growing like weeds. Wren, Pheobe, Dove & Sora are doing great. They are now exploring and the lamb races have begun at choretime. Such fun to watch!

Wren & Pheobe

Dove & Sora

Tyler & Dove

Tyler loves the lambs and spends as much time with them as he can after school. This coming week is vacation week and the weather is supposed to be pleasant. He is looking forward to getting to know all the babies.

Robin & Quail

One of our shetlands, Katie, delivered a ram lamb and a ewe lamb four days ago. All went well and these little sweeties will be a beautiful moorit color (chestnut) like their sire. This is our first year using this ram and I am thrilled to see he is passing on his color. The ewe is moorit as well but not nearly as dark as the ram. Another black shetland gave birth to an adorable black ram lamb with a white beard. Unfortunately he only survived 24 hours. It happens occasionally but it's always very sad. She is very lonesome today and searching for her lamb.

Our new bee hives arrived last week. The hive boxes come assembled but not painted and the interior foundations have to be assembled. The boys and I spent one day last week putting them together. Our new bees arrived on Saturday and everything was ready for them. Their are 12,000 in each hive. We have one hive from last year that did well over the winter. Hopefully these new hives will do well. It will be wonderful to have our own honey and the bees did a great job pollinating everything in the garden last summer. This is Steve's endeavor. I am very encouraging but watch from a distance. One sting was enough for me.

Bleeding heart

After a week of wonderful weather, the snow really is melting! I can actually see my bleeding hearts pushing up through and today I found 4 crocus. I am so excited to see them. Snowbanks can still be seen around the farm but if this weather pattern continues, it should all be gone by the end of the week. What a long winter. We are all very glad it's over!

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nita said...

Darling babies - they look like panda bears! I'm glad your winter is coming to an end. This one has been one for the record books.