Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any wool..........

Yes sir, yes sir, four bags full!! This was my car this morning before I left for a fiber drop off. Four bags of skirted, dirty wool that will be returned in the form of soft, fluffy, sparkling clean roving and yarns. I'm always amazed at the difference in what I receive from what I delivered :) These four bags were white. I'll have more white finn wool to deliver and then I'll deliver all the colored. A good clip this year. I find year after year that some of my nicest fiber is produced by my wethers. Do others find the same? That's good news for the seven ram lambs born here this year! Speaking of lambs, below are photos of the last three arrivals:
Meet Tylerfarm's Tango (b/w) & Cash and....

Tylerfarm's Grace Kelly (shetland)This is Errol Flynn on the left with Tango & Cash. He was born just eight days earlier and he is so much bigger. He's a floppy, happy little guy who is as curious as they come. We are enjoying them all and I've only decided that one of the lambs will be leaving so far. Last year I pared my flock down to a "reasonable" number. How quickly that changes in the spring :)

We were without phone and internet service since Saturday thanks to the local young folks and their four wheelers taking out a telephone box. You never realize how much you miss something until you don't have it. I missed the internet and reading all my daily blogs. Hope to catch up with you all soon ~


Paintsmh said...

Your babies are adorable! I miss having them around. Our last old sheep is so arthritic she can barely move these days...
Sorry you were without links to the outside world. What a misery!!

Gayle said...

Everyone looks so beautiful and clean. What a lot of wool! Can't wait to see what you get back. I feel bad about my wool...I just toss it out. It's so dirty and gross. I'm not sure you could make much from one sheep anyhow. (and I'm not sure if that is done here?)

Deb said...

Thanks :) It's hard when our animals gets old....If you ever want a lamb or two, I know where you could get a couple :)

Thanks :) Most of the girls have been sheared that's why they look so clean and we just finished spring cleaning in the paddocks. You would be surprised how much wool you can get from one sheep. What breed is she? I have an acquaintance that lives in AK who raises shetlands and produces beautiful fiber. Don't give up if it's something you really want to do :)

Deb said...

what little cuttie pies...I'm excited to see what you get back..

ChristyACB said...

Will you give us a comparison photo on size from this before and the after when it comes back?

lisa said...

I love Tango, I think he is my favorite, but they all are adorable!! I bet your wool is nice to work with.

Christy said...

You do have some nice looking lambs! Such interesting colors.

Leenie said...

What a fine harvest! I like the way you name your lambs. Movie stars! Giving them numbers is so impersonal.

Deb said...

Thanks :) It's always exciting to pick up the finished fiber and to look through the bags :)

I'll be happy too..It won't be too long. The turnaround time on our fiber is quick.

I'm with you - I think Tango is my favorite as well :) I was very happy with my wool this year so far...time will tell how good it is :)

Thanks :) They are tons of fun!

Thank you :) Part of the fun is coming up with a name theme each year. Every animal has a name on this farm. I love the movie star theme :)

Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to comment ~

DayPhoto said...

I miss my daily blogs also when I can't get to them.

Your babies are adorable.


Melanie said...

Hi there! Stumbled on your site and had to giggle. My maiden name is Tyler. The post you wrote about sheep may have more meaning than you realize. We have several books of Tyler ancestry and in it we found that the poem "Mary Had a Little Lamb" was written about a Mary Tyler, who indeed used to take her lamb to school! Thought you'd love the connection!

Have a great day!

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