Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving right along...........

We spent a good portion of the weekend working on the farm stand/shop. It now has a new back wall with a great new window in it, a new interior floor and a water tight roof. We had thundershowers move through this afternoon just as we were finishing the floor. It was a great way to check the roof for leaks! The floor is OSB and I'm thinking of painting it with deck paint. Maybe a hunter green or a brick red? Next weekend we will skirt the outside with lattice. I'm going to measure this week for fabric for curtains and maybe get to Joann Fabrics to pick something out. We need to change a little of the wiring and we are going to put in a ceiling fan to keep the air moving and veggies cool. Steve brought me home the bottom of a Hoosier cabinet. I'm so excited to utilize that in some way. Such an interesting piece of furniture. Now to figure out shelving and display areas......lots to think about.

I worked in the gardens but still haven't planted my peppers and tomatoes. I'm glad I waited - the first full moon isn't until June 7 and I just got a special weather warning over the computer.....freeze warning tonight! We had frost twice last week. I'll be happy to hold off a few more days.

The planter below sets on our front step. It's a half size old milk can that I painted a flat black. I love the tuberous begonias and this bright orange is very striking against the black. I really like the trailing vine cover and it's doing well in the pot. I moved it tonight up on the porch to prevent it from freezing.

Our kittens are doing well - both are nursing and all bodily functions are working properly :) They are traveling longer distances around the house and exploring. I love them already!

~Have a good week everyone ~


Christy said...

Freeze warning? We've had the AC on for 3 days, it was almost 90 here today. It always amazes me how much the weather varies in this country.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the farm stand done....I like brick red personally, it would look awesome in the Fall for all your harvest produce:)I read the post from the other day and I just love those kittens, I can just imagine them curled up by the wood burner on a snowy Maine night! Lucky little guys:) I always enjoy reading about your farm!

Leenie said...

Hope those freezing nights stay away! June is too late for that stuff. Although it happens here a lot. I'm excited for you and that fruit stand. Best wishes on getting it ready with no complications. Love the kitties.

Callie Brady said...

What a great farm stand! And your kittens are so cute. Good to know it is not too late to start planting. Maybe I can still get some starts at the nursery.

Gayle said...

When you say you haven't planted do you mean the seeds or transplants? I'm hesitant to put anything outside yet, but have stuff growing in the greenhouse. We start things under lights in March/April. It will all be frozen by Sept. I'm guessing your growing season is longer?

I love the, you guys really work hard when you work. I can't believe how much you got done. I like the idea of red, too. Seems happier.

Candy Duell said...

They also said frost for this area too, we went out and covered all of the plants. But at 6am it was 37 degrees, a bit to close for me, but hopefully we do not have another frost warning!

When I retire, that is exactly what I want to do is put up a stand on our front property. I am enjoying watching you get yours set up.

The kittens are darling! :)I have a weakness for kittens and cats.

Deb said...

we always have frost warnings in June. Last year I didn't put my tomatoes in until June 15. They do well and we normally do not get another frost until October.

I like the brick red as well. I'll have to see what H. Depot offers.
The kitties are growing so quickly. They are lots of fun!

Thanks - we do all we can on weekends but everything takes time...yuk! I get so anxious but we will get there :)

Our nurseries are just now putting out seedlings. I purchased a few the other day as I don't start any of my own. Just don't have time. I hope to put some in the ground today. Good luck :)

I still have seeds and plants that need to go in the ground but our growing season is a little longer than yours...sometimes into late October. I don't have a place to start seeds right now.

I don't think we had frost but like you, it was cool! I'm thinking according to the long range forecast I'll be ok to plant now. I hope I don't regret it!

I hope you get your farmstand when you retire!

DayPhoto said...

I watch the weather channel and wonder how you are doing all the time.

I have always wanted a fruit stand, but we are soooo far out in the country that the only buyers would be other I don't think it will work.

Love those kittens!