Saturday, December 19, 2009

Farm kid brag post....

As I mentioned in my photo op post, our youngest farm kid, Tyler, has been studying Karate for a couple of years now. Last night he tested for and achieved the rank of advanced green belt. This is a big step and he was nervous and excited. This advancement means he goes from a non-contact sport to full contact.

He has been sparring in full gear with a partner in class for sometime now. The Sensai would stand between them and give points for moves and make sure contact did not happen. That will all be different now. He is really looking forward to being able to practice what he has learned so far and continuing his karate education. Tyler has worked very hard and we are very PROUD of him.

Tyler and his Sensai after achieving the rank of Green Belt

CONGRATULATIONS TYLER on a job well done!


Christy said...

Congratulations! Logan has been doing full contact sparring for about a year. It is fun. On their last night of class this year, they did open sparring, which means it was stand up and on the ground. It was the first time Logan had done that. Picture UFC.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Yes congratulations and like seeing all the gals in there too.
We're sending a big snow your way.

Shula said...

Congratulations, that's a big step. I loved the Christmas card with the donkey as well, and Coal is getting bigger fast!

Country Girl said...

You won my giveaway. Need your address!

Kelly or Alex said...

Congratulations and it is good to brag about our kids when they do well. No one ever wants to see a post that says "my kid was sentenced today for...." Crow proud parent! LOL

Rayna said...

hehehe with a sensai like that, I can see why he likes karate ;-) LOL all jokes aside, big achievement! Sounds like celebrating time! :)

lisa said...

That is awesome, so happy for him!

Callie said...

Congratulations! So glad all his efforts are being rewarded.

DayPhoto said...

Congratulations Logan!!!!


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