Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...


Gayle said...

How do your sheep stay so clean looking? My Daisy looks so disgusting I won't even photograph her. The puppy is so cute!

Donna said...

Are the goats Angora? They are waaaaaaay cute!

lisa said...

So, cool. I posted a flower with a scarecrow also! The puppy looks like he is growing!

corinne said...

nice photos!

kristi said...

Its so nice to sheep your sheep and goats! The puppy is getting so big already! Are the pumpkins on the steps of your store? Pumpkins make such happy greeters:)

Sue said...

Ah, I LOVE Wordless Wednesday (even though its Thursday at 4 am till I GET to it!!)
Great slice of life!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

everybody is looking good.

Deb said...

Most of them have a good size paddock to live in and I freak out if anybody gets hay on my sheep!

Thanks - the goats are pygoras.

Thanks - Otis is growing fast and is a ton of fun :)

Thank you and thanks for visiting ;)

The pumpkins are on the front steps of my house although I do have them on the steps of the store. I'll keep them there until I put up christmas greens and holly. I'll then give the pumpkins to the sheep. They love them :)

Thanks - I'm glad you enjoy the pictures :)

Thanks :) Hope all is well at your farm.