Saturday, November 21, 2009

Naked goaties :)

Thursday was goat shearing day at the farm. Our pygora goats are sheared twice per year. Spring and fall. With the fabulous warm weather we are having, we waited a little longer than usual. The fiber is fantastic. Soft, soft, soft, slightly curled and a nice length. The two doelings fiber was very soft and very curly. All were very good on the stand. We did feet trimming, de-worming and de-lousing at the same time. They all have deep straw beds to curl up in at night. Delilah
Amos, Rudy, Delilah, Ribbon & Lace looking for an animal cracker :)

Rudy with his new "doo"


Ruby - she looks like a baby all over again :)

Darling Diamond

I will add this fiber to our clip from last fall and wait until this springs clip before I send it all out for processing. Last year I over dyed alot of the gray fiber that was spun into yarn. This year I'll over dye some of the white. The pygora fiber absorbs the dye easily and the colors are brilliant due to the sheen of the fiber.
Babies are due around March 1. We never get the same colors from year to year. Kidding is one of my favorite times of the year. Stay tuned!!


lisa said...

Diamond is sooo cute! They all do look a little naked:)

Deb said...

don't they? They have such big heads for their bodies when they are sheared! It grows back quickly so they only look funny for a little while :)

threecollie said...

They are so cute!

cowgirlwannabe said...

i know about feet trimming and de-worming, but what is de-lousing? Cute goats.

Deb said...

thanks :)

fiber goats are prone to goatie lice. I use an de-louse product similar to frontline for dogs when I shear them to get rid of any lice if they have them. Just one of those "goat" things.

Callie said...

The goats do look cute after their clip. We used to shave our goats before the 4-H shows and they always looked so pretty.

kristi said...

Everyone should have a Diamond!! My goats are such freeze babies in the winter:)

DayPhoto said...

You sheep are darling! I'm glad the weather is staying warm for you. Cold here 41* in the daytime. 11* at night. I wonder what January and February will bring.