Sunday, November 8, 2009

A pleasant Sunday.......

It was a gorgeous 65 degrees here today :) That's rather unusual in our neck of the woods. But, we will take all the great autumn days we can get. Yesterday was a fruitless hunting day. Not for lack of effort on the part of our hunting family but no deer in this neighborhood this weekend. Five miles up the road my oldest son saw an 8 point buck in the middle of the road. Of course, he's the non -hunter of the family :)
We installed tub heaters for the sheep and cows today. My milk cow is due to calve in just 30 days. We had a 1/2 inch of ice on the water tubs yesterday morning. She really doesn't like taking a huge gulp of that ice cold water. You can see it hit the calf and the calf gives her a good kick. Can't say I blame her! The water will stay 45 degrees from now on.

The chickens were busy turning the compost pile in the sunshine.

Charlotte was very warm and wallowed in her mud hole for awhile today.

These are two of my very favorite sheep. Chamomile and Penny royal were sired by my very first ram, a Finn named Angus. He was an absolute sweetheart. I lost him several years ago to urinary calculi and he died on the operating table. I was heartbroken. These two gals have the same disposition that he did. They see you coming and they wag their tales and just can't wait for a scratch or a hug. I didn't breed them last year but I did this year. I'm hoping for a ewe lamb from each of them as they are getting along in years. We just finished up our fall shearing and these gals were very happy about that today.We gave my Mom a new garage for her birthday. We finished putting it up for her today. She's so happy to have it to park her sweet little yellow car in. She doesn't like the snow and it will be great she doesn't have to think about that this winter.
~ Have a good week everyone ~


kristi said...

So when will the girls be delivering? I was thinking that the one was very well fed or perhaps pregnant:) Now you know I can't wait to see those calf pics!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

we finally had good weather this weekend and got some fencing done. I love that canvas(?) garage. Can it withstand a snowstorm? wind? If it's sturdy, I may be interested in one.

Doris said...

Unfortunately, we had rain this weekend.It was wet and windy. I love sheep and I love Chamomile and Penny. They are very cute.

Sue said...

I used to LOVE watching my chickens in the compost pile-those fat little thighs tossing stuff here and there! I am sooo looking forward to getting some next year.
Great photos of a wonderful life, thank you for sharing!

Deb said...

great photos....we had a nice weekend here in Texas

DayPhoto said...

That was a fun short little tour. I enjoyed meeting some of the girls.

I enjoy watching the girls (hens) dust in the dirt. Last Saturday I had a vistor that was horrifed something really bad was happening to the chickens...she yelled at me to come help my hens. They were just taking a bath...geez! And she likes to call herself a country girl. Now that she moved here from Denver.


Deb said...

ummmmm, about March 20th :) They are pretty porky. They do not get grain, they have just been on pasture. I'm hoping some of them weren't too fat to settle.
Calf pics as soon as it arrives!

Glad you are seeing good weather :) I bought the garage from Northern Tool. I read many reviews where it can withstand severe winds and snowstorms as long as it is anchored properly. I'll let you know :) It is very sturdy.

I'm not fond of wet and windy and neither are my sheep :) Glad you enjoyed the photos.

They are a hoot to watch. Your welcome :)

Seems the weather is pretty nice in most place although I'm hearing Ida going to be a threat soon.

She just didn't realize how much fun your chickens were having :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the tour.

ps..your yarn is on it's way - thanks very much :)

DayPhoto said...

I wonder if your baby guniees will act more like a chicken. I wonder if this the break through for a more modern approach to living for them? Hummm


Callie said...

Neat garage! I'd like to have one. Happy chickens!

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