Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~ Wordless Wednesday....


Leenie said...

Nice collection of textures! The photos speak for themselves.

Nancy K. said...


What kind of lamb is that in the first photo? I think I might "need" one....


Gayle said...

Things are looking good at the farm. Love the bird house. Such a beautiful setting. Is that a mouse? And it just sat there for you to photograph? Happy Wednesday!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Beautiful photo's. I know the honeysuckle is not in bloom now. We have snow on the ground but melting away.

Deb said...

Thank you :)

Nancy K,
Thank you :) The lamb is a shetland/finn cross and NO - you cannot have any more animals according to Nancy K! (she is as sweet as she looks )

Yes - that is a mouse. He/she was in my bird seed bucket. I removed the cover, saw the mouse, closed the cover, went back to the house to get my camera, removed the cover and snapped several photos. That little mouse was sooooo content, it never stirred. A good life :)

Your right - no honeysuckle yet but I came across the photo this morning and it made me hopeful :)

Jo said...

I've just popped into your blog via Lynda's blog (Food,Fun,Farm) What beautiful photos. I simply LOVE the mouse. yes, the good life, for sure. Jo

threecollie said...

Your photos made me smile, especially the mouse in the sunflower seeds. Talk about Heaven!!

kristi said...

Very nice photos but I am really liking that birdhouse photo!! I can't wait for the gardens to start up!!

Doris said...

Wonderful pictures.

lisa said...

I love the web under your blog name, fantastic picture.

Jody Blue said...

Great photos, love the mouse, and the lamb, and... nice.

Deb said...

No words needed, great Easter photos

Bush Babe said...

Lovely ... I haven't been for a little while and your cobweb in the header took my breath away. Fabulous!!

Deb said...

Welcome and thank you for visiting. Hope you will stop in often. That little mouse was very comfy :)

Critters live pretty good around here - even the mice :)
I'm glad the photos made you smile, we all know you could use that right now :)

I'm with you - now that most of the snow is gone, I'm so anxious for things to start blooming and the grass to start growing!

Thank you :)

Thank you - that was one of those "being at the right place at the right time photos". :)

Jody Blue,
Glad you liked them :)

Thank you :)

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter ~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Deb.
I enjoyed them all!

Have a great Easter weekend.

Callie said...

Love the photos! What breeds are your goats and sheep?

Deb said...

Bush Babe,
Thanks so much :) When the dew is heavy in the mornings, I find some of the neatest webs on the pasture fences. I was just lucky to have my camera with me that morning.

Glad you enjoyed the photos. Hope you folks have a lovely easter as well.

Thank you for visiting - I raise shetland and finn sheep and pygora goats.