Monday, April 20, 2009

~ Spring in my garden.....

Finally spring has sprung in my garden. I've been enjoying looking at all the beautiful spring flowers on many of the blogs I enjoy reading. We are slow to catch up here in the Northeast and nothing happens day no flowers, the next day they are up and in bloom. I was so happy to see these lovelies bloom in my garden yesterday. Purple being my favorite color, these crocus are some of my favorite spring flowers.

This single white crocus was in the opposite garden, I think there may be more but they haven't emerged yet. Iris and lillies and my bleeding hearts are s-l-o-w-l-y poking their heads up through the soil. With the wind and cool temps, the soil in my gardens is very dry. Rain is moving in and tomorrow should be a blessed rain day which everything will appreciate.

Lemon and Lime were out exploring and enjoying the sunshine. It amazes me how quickly the goat kids grow!

Tom is an Altoid fan and so are the goats :) He rattles his can and they come running, just begging for a treat. They don't dawdle long, those kids keep them on the move :)

Our second ewe of the season to deliver had a large single white ram lamb late this evening. Photos tomorrow ~


Christy said...

Goats like Altoids? Who knew. Mine love animal crackers! We are teaching Orion to beg for animal crackers. I just read tonight that you can teach goats to shake hands easily.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Lemon and Lime, and the flowers look great out in the sunshine.

kristi said...

Its been so rainy and drippy here that your flowers put a smile on my face:) Thanks for stopping by my blog....I worry so much about the babies! Your moorit babies are also too pretty...I love that moorit color!! I wish I could send you some of this rain that I am getting!!

Gayle said...

The flowers are such vibrant colors! So promising. It cracks me up how goats can't just stand on flat ground...if there is something, even a little stump, to get on they will! Good luck with lambing.

threecollie said...

That is so funny!! The altoid thing I mean. Who knew? Great photos all. Glad to see that spring is finally coming your way.

lisa said...

Purple is also my favorite color! Lemon and Lime look like they were posing for the picture.

Deb said...

My goats love animal crackers too as well as the sheep - goats are smart. No doubt about that!

Thanks - hope your weather improves.

Your babies are all so sweet - hope that sunshine has made it's way to you. We are getting your rain and I'm very happy about that!

Those little goats were just three days old and they were trying to climb - those little pieces of wood kept them occupied for most of the day :)

Thanks - goats aren't all that fussy when it comes to being hand fed :)

Lemon & Lime don't seem to mind the camera.....good thing - I have to wait for just the right minute to click the shutter - they don't stay still for very long!