Friday, April 17, 2009

~Catching up............

Illness and farming have overtaken us here at Tylerfarm the last few days. I fall out of bed in the morning and fall into it at night, as early as possible. The weather has finally decided that it really is spring in the Northeast. Temps in the 50's with a little wind each day. We seem to go from one season to the other overnight. Believe it or not, we desperately need rain. It's dangerously dry and fire is on everyone's mind. Many, many brush fires have claimed homes, forests and sadly, lives in the last week. We have been raking up paddocks of all the dried hay and leaves, keeping the fire danger as low as possible.

This is the spring paddock where our ewes and new lambs will be turned out once the grass is growing.
Below are a few photos of what else has been going on around here:
The last pygora kids born to Lace on 4/13/09. Lemon & Lime - they are doing wonderful. They are going to be a champagne color. They explored outside briefly yesterday afternoon. Hopefully they will do the same today and I can get photos of them exploring to post.

Lambing is imminent. Should be just another week before we start. I have some very hefty ladies :) Daphne (closest in the photo) is showing signs of being close, a swollen udder and she gets very affectionate just before she delivers.

Gus & Squirt have graduated.....they now go out to the big pasture with the cows everyday. They are loving this :) Donkey and the others checked them out thoroughly for a few minutes but after that everyone settled in and these guys are now just one of the group. They sure love the "hay anytime we want it" service. They are both thriving. I couldn't be happier with these calves.

We have several pair of geese that are landing on the pond nearby....this morning they were honking loudly as they flew overhead, greeting us as we started the day.
A new piece of ground, ready to be tilled and planted. I can't wait until the grass is a foot tall! The cows will be very happy to have another pasture to graze in and we will have to purchase less hay!

and......a new shipment of yarn has arrived. 56 beautiful skeins of natural gray pygora/merino blend. I'm anxious to find time to start dyeing this yarn. Greens and raspberry and aztec gold, yum!

It's a bright, sunny day and there are sheep waiting to be sheared and new fleece to be picked over :)

Thank you for checking in with us. I apologize for such a long time between posts.

I hope all is well where you are. Have a great day everyone!


Christy said...

I love the pygoras! Are they friendly like most goats? I'm starting to think I'm not thrilled with sheep so goats with fiber might be a good alternative for me. Will you be selling any of the babies?

Sharrie said...

Here in WI we are having the same problem with "no rain". Unusual for spring, but a big worry. We have some rain in the forecast for Sat. and Sun. I hope they are right. Then we will send it on to you.

Nancy K. said...

Those Pygoras are adorable!

Although, I gotta ask Christy: what kind of sheep do you have??? I can't imagine my life without my Shetlands....

threecollie said...

Sorry to read that you have been ill. Hope everyone feels better and soon. Love the pics of all your critters. They all look terrific!!

melanie said...

Is that yarn from your critters? I also have Pygoras, and have been looking for a processor to send our fleece out...any recommendations?

Gayle said...

The work at your farm sure is extensive. Definitely a full-time job. Sorry, to hear you've been feeling ill. Hope things are brighter today.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wait -- wasn't it just mud season there? How can you have FIRE danger now? Is your mud flammable?

Deb said...

Some of our pygoras are friendly, some are more stand off-ish. We try to handle them often when they are babies...they are naturally curious so it's easy to make friends with them. I'd love to keep all the babies but time will tell :)

It's unusual weather for us as well. Hope you get rain and thanks for sending it along to us :)

Nancy K,
Thanks :)
I couldn't imagine life without my sheepies either :)

Thanks so much. We are all in different stages of "feel better". It could be worse, our neighbor has had it for more than a month!

Yes - the fiber is from our goats. I would recommend Morning Sun Fiber processors to process your pygora. Sharon is a lovely lady and they are taking new customers.

Thanks - it is brighter today. Hope it's warm and bright in AK today too :)

EXACTLY!! Less than a week ago my paddocks had mud in places a foot deep. Yesterday I raked everything with the york rake it's that dry. That's what I mean by extreme - it's really scary.

DayPhoto said...

Goodness! Fire! That is serious!

I am sorry to read that you have been ill. I hope you are soon feeling normal. It is hard to be sick when you farm, for everything else goes on, even if you don't feel like it.


Callie said...

Hope you are feeling much better. I had to do a search to find out what a york rake was. Pretty neat! I could use one of those to rake up all our oak leaves. I'm starting to worry about fire too. Everything is getting so dry so fast. We just had snow and rain, but the leaves and ground are already dry. Scary! Wishing you the best. Love reading your blog.

kristi said...

As always, I so enjoy reading about your homestead:) This evening I actually built a fire to burn all the twigs/debris I have been collecting as the ground is damp enough that I know the fire will not spread. I hope you feel better and look forward to your planting & lamb photos to come:)

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Those little ones are just precious. I hope you are feeling better soon.