Friday, April 10, 2009


I 'm taxes are finished. My part is done and I see the Accountant on Tuesday. No more being stuck in the house! Now I can enjoy kidding and lambing without that black cloud hanging over my head. I'm not a procrastinator about anything except my bookwork. There are always too many other things that need my attention - funny how that always comes back to bite me in the butt :)

Spring is definately happening around the farm. We've seen many geese flying over early in the morning. We have a small lake nearby and it's a stopping point for them in the spring. Anytime now the Loons will be returning to nest along the river and we will hear him whistle as he flies over. The killdeer have returned as well. They make me think of my Barney dog. He used to chase them for hours in the pasture.

Lace is still carrying her large load as you can see from this front and rear view.......

Can you believe the size of this goat? I say she will have them Easter sunday. It's really any one's guess - I know one thing.....she won't have them until she's ready :) I've been letting the 3 does and the two doelings out in the front paddock the last two days to enjoy the sunshine.

Ribbon and Ruby soaking up the sun..........

Diamond and Delilah were watching me rake up leaves and debris. They are nosy from birth. If there is an opening, these little buggers are gonna stick their heads through it :)

This is what is left of the bird tree I had standing up all winter near our bird feeders. We recycle them by giving them to the goats. The four males have pretty much stripped this tree in a week. They love the bark and the needles. It stayed green most of the winter. They will clean it completely and then we will cut it up and burn the rest.

I hope you enjoyed a sunny, warm day wherever you are ~


Christy said...

Poor Lace! She looks so uncomfortable. I hope she has those babies soon. Our kid still keeps finding ways out of the fence. I keep plugging the holes and he keeps finding new ones. It is amazing!

Sharrie said...

She must be soooo uncomfortable. It makes me wince just looking at her. I wish her babies, soon!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I don't think I've ever seen a pregnancy protrude to the sides as much; it is almost unbelievable! Do you think she may be carrying quads?

Peggy said...

Lace is going to have quads I bet. LOL she is huge!

Candy Duell said...

Poor Lace is right. Wow, I hope she delivers soon. I wonder how many she has in there??!!

It looks like spring is springing around here too. My rhubarb is up, all of the flowers are coming threw. I love the spring!

Leenie said...

That poor nanny looks like she is about to explode! Congrats on getting those taxes out of the way. I love the sound of killdeer. our dog chased them too.

kristi said...

Oh my! My sides hurt just looking at her! Its so nice to see the signs of spring returning. I can't wait to see Lace's babies!!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

OMG Lace, never seen sides protruding like that. Are ya thinking of some Easter names?

Deb said...

Those babies are little rascals aren't they? Escape artists :)

She does look uncomfortable but she surely doesn't act it. As long as she has her food, she seems quite happy :)

I think she will have triplets but time will tell :)

You could be very right!

I love to see spring popping up all around as well. You reminded me....I need to check my rhubarb :)

I've never had a critter that was so huge! She actually has trouble getting through the small doorway!

I'm with you - I can't wait to see them either!

We were trying to stick with the gem theme but the only one I come up with for "L" is Lapis Lazuli and that definately would have to be shortened.....chances are if they are born on Easter they will have Easter names :)

Have a Wonderful Easter everyone ~

tipper said...

Yay for the taxes being done! I felt like poor Lace when I was carrying my twins.

Jody Blue said...

You need to teck a wide load sign on her butt!

melanie said...

Wow! That is the hugest pregnant goat (or anything) I have ever seen. If she doesn't have quads, I'll be amazed.

Gayle said...

It is unreal how large she is. Could it be triplets? I'll be checking in all day tomorrow to see if they are here!

Deb said...

I'm hoping she's carrying at least twins, I think probably triplets. She's very happy this morning - I'm hoping it's today :)

Jody Blue,
That's a good idea - I could certainly fit one on there :)

I'm with you - never have one of these goats been so huge......

It could be triplets - I'll be sure to post quickly should she get started!

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh My God that goat is huge...and I thought mine were big.......W-O-W. There's gotta be triplets in there.