Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Kara said...

Oh that calf is so beautiful, I love her eyelashes! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Egghead said...

I love the photos with the snow coming down. It looks like a true country Christmas. That calf. What can I say. So fresh and new.

Claire said...

I just love the sheep ornament - cute as anything! I like ornaments like that which are natural looking and hand made and special - much more interesting than colored balls.

threecollie said...

Very nice! Love the sheep ornament!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb.
The pictures are all great. That calf sure is growing!
and where did you get that sheep ornament? I love it.
Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope Santa finds an extra calf for you.

DayPhoto said...

My favorite is your puppy dog with the snow on his face.

The second favorite is the calf, the third....

Okay, that's enough!

WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing!


kristi said...

I believe the saying is "A Day Late, A Dollar Short". Well, yesterday it was $100 short as a power shopped through Kohls Dept. Store so I was late getting home. Today is Thursday but I still love your Wordless pic is the cows in the snow:) Hope all is well up your way!!

Deb said...

Don't they have the most gorgeous eyelashes? boys always seem to have long beautiful eyelashes too :)

It was a beautiful snowy day....we had about 4 inches - the sheep were covered and seemed to enjoy it :)

thank you :) I'm with you - I love the natural looking ornaments, home made is even better. I have many that the kids made when they were small and I just love them.

thank you :)

The sheep ornament came from this lovely little shop at our nearby apple orchard. I stopped in there today - just to browse for a minute...could have spent wayyyyyy to much money :)
I've been really, really good - I hope santa is paying attention! :)

Banjo was having so much fun in the snow. Squirt likes Banjo as well - just her size :)

Knew you would like the cow photo :) I thought of you when I saw them at the gate, all covered in snow.....they didn't seem to mind at all.