Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday festivities.............

"Snowman family"
As the holidays approach, I enjoy setting out my decorations, a few at a time. These adorable snowmen adorn the top of our entertainment center in our livingroom. The snowman lamp in the center casts just enough light that we do not need any other lights on in the evening unless someone is reading. It makes a nice, cozy atmosphere along with the warmth and glow of the woodstove.
What little snow we had, has melted with the 40 degree days we have been having but more is predicted for sunday.....we are hoping for a little more out of this storm. It just doesn't feel like the holidays without snow! We are slowly working on decorating the "bird" tree but no photos to post just yet. Hopefully before the weekend is over.
Last night I had the pleasure of going on a date with my husband and we attended his company christmas party. I think it's very generous that they still have a christmas celebration and invite spouses to attend. Many companies cannot do that anymore. Tom filled in and did night chores for me as the party hours were from 4 to 7 which are perfect hours for folks who aren't used to going out :) It was held at the company office and we had a lovely time (Great job Allison! ) It was a catered affair and we both "dressed" for the occasion. My boys said I cleaned up pretty good. only complaint before it was over - my feet hurt! Trading my muck shoes for semi high heels is definitely not in my future :)
We enjoyed the 40 minute ride home, chatting and looking at all the christmas lights that people have put up so far. We rarely have one on one time to catch up and reconnect - it was a nice way to end the evening.
Happy Friday everyone :)


Anonymous said...

I love your snowman family!
Your date sounds wonderful. I laughed at your sons comment. That is exactly what my husband tells me when I get cleaned up for going
I don't ever remember having a snow down here at Christmas time. We rarely get snows. A few ice storms.
As cold as it has been already though, I think we may see one this year. Snow, that is, not an ice storm. I hope.
Have a great day.

Joanna said...


We, here in the NC Appalachians, continue to have more winter weather than you in Maine, it's 27 degrees here Friday at 11:00AM.

The Bourbon Red Turkeys - we got a trio in Oct '07. The eggs are delicious, a real delicacy. Two of our Cuckoo hens decided to set on 2 each of the BR eggs. Eggs hatched, and both girls raised the four together, absolutely darling - when somebody would dare to come around, MommieBird would squat on the poults, and EllieMae was the one to shoo the "intruder" away, one of their buddies :-). She ended up with one tail feather left. I had read and heard that it's tough to get turkey babies to maturity, and we are now down to two although they're looking strong. One day the poult will seem fine and the next it's dead ot bad enough that we had to but it out of its misery. They say to keep the poults on wire but we like for 'em to run around and be turkeys so...

Funny, the chicken mama's cluck to babies and the turkey babies whistle to their chicken mama's.

We adore our turkeys, they are real characters, let me know if you give 'em a try.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Wow a date, what's that? Sounds like you had a great time!

If we get snow I will send it your way, I don't particularly care for it - but it does really make everything pretty and fresh.

Love the header BTW.

Deb said...

Thank you :) It's nice to know that they think we still look "Ok" when we have to :)
A little dusting of snow for you on christmas might be nice but I'll pray no ice storms head your way.

Have a great weekend ~

You are having our know, I'm ok with that :) We are feeling spoiled with 40 degree temps and sunshine but that's all about to change this weekend. Cold temps and snow every couple of days is being predicted with lows in the single digits.

That's such a great story about your Cuckoo hens raising the turkey poults :) Like you, we want to have them so they can run around the farm. I had also heard that you should raise them on wire. Not sure what we will do at this point. Still researching....I'll be sure to let you know what we decide :O) Thanks for the great info.

Have a nice weekend ~

I have to say that this "date" thing isn't half you remember when we used to look forward to them?! I'd do it again :)

I don't know that I'm such a snow lover meaning I love to shovel 2 feet of snow every two or three days, I just really hate the brown mud that I'm looking at now. Our soil is all sand. Everytime it rains or snows and melts, it's so muddy. It's miserable. I get so sick of sweeping! At least with the snow, it does look clean and everyone takes their boots off in the back room because they don't like stepping in the water.

Glad you like the header - I'm thinking that will be our christmas card this year. I do love that photo.

Have a great weekend ~


Candy Duell said...

Oh! Your snowmen are wonderful. They all look so jolly :) Dont worry about the snow, it will be here before you know it. We are looking at the same bit of snow for Sat night, and again they are saying Tues and Wednesday. We shall see what comes our way.
The date sounds wonderful, I am am glad to hear you had a great time. We all need to do that once in awhile!

Allison (Ledgewood) said...

Thanks Deb! Glad you had a good time. Happy Holidays!