Thursday, December 18, 2008

~ Christmas favorites...........

It is a winter wonderland here in the Northeast :) Everything smells so clean and fresh. The snow is crisp when you step on it and today was simply a beautiful day. Another storm headed our way for tomorrow and our first Nor'easter for Sunday/Monday. We spent a lovely evening on Wednesday decorating our Christmas tree. We have boxes of special ornaments that we have collected over the years. Of course, some of my favorites are sheep ornaments, gifts from family and friends. Below are photos of a few:

It's so much fun to carefully unwrap all the special ornaments each year, admiring them again as if they are new and hanging them on the tree :)

Speaking of ornaments, I'm wondering if any of my blog readers would be interested in an ornament swap? I've participated before and it's great fun to receive an ornament in the mail from a different part of the country from a new "friend". I was thinking we could have the date for receipt after the holidays, such as January 15th or later if it's more convenient. If any one has any interest, drop me an email at with ornament in the subject line. I would love it - it's great fun :)

~ Happy Holidays ~


threecollie said...


Joanna said...

Oh, I love it when the Christmas tree respresents your lifestyle/interests. Beautiful.

kristi said...

Christmas tree ornaments each have a story and I can just sit on the couch dreaming as I gaze at them all...I love your ornament of Santa & the sheep! Please count me in for the ornament swap!!

Christy said...

Santa and the sheep is awesome! I love different santas. I may have to post pictures of some of my favorite ornaments.

Kara said...

Oh I'm in too, I'd love to do an ornament swap. I will email you too.

Deb said...

thanks :)

It's so much fun to look at ornaments on everyone's christmas seems there is always that one special ornament that tells a special story :)

I'm with you - I love to spend my time in my living room early in the morning with my coffee and just the tree lights. It's so much fun to remember the story of each ornament.
I'll be in touch regarding the swap after christmas :)

I love santas as well although I seem to have many more snowmen and sheep! I would love to see your ornaments:)

That's great - I'll e-mail you after christmas....this will be so much fun :)

Egghead said...

Oh yes this is one of my favorite things about this season. I love the meaning and memories surrounding so many of my Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations. The ornament exchange should be great fun. I will email you.