Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn colors..............

The leaves are turning color quickly this year. I think our foliage season is going to be short but gorgeous. We have had little sun the last few days, but when it is shining, the variations of colors are lovely. Some areas are changing slower than others, especially areas that do not get as much sun such as our driveway. Below are a few foliage photos.
Our daily walk to the bus
A forest path
We made a quick trip to Home Depot yesterday for supplies. Below are photos of Sebago Lake which we pass on our way.
Sebago Lake foliage

Beautiful colors at Sebago Lake, Maine

The sun tried to make an appearance early yesterday morning. As it came up the sky was very pink and angry looking. It didn't last long but it was beautiful.

Early morning sunrise

More signs of winters approach. We had a small group of Canandian Geese fly over heading south this morning as we went to the barn to do chores. Of course, I left my camera in the house so you will have to take my word for it :) They were low enough that I could hear the beating of their wings. They are such beautiful creatures. We will see thousands of them before they finish migrating south.

Have a great day!


Kara said...

Beautiful pictures! We don't have that much color yet. I am looking forward to it, I just love fall!

Nancy K. said...

The colors are just starting to change here in SE Minnesota. I look forward to the beauty of it. It's kind of a last horrah before the drabness of winter...

I've seen many flocks of Canadian gees flying but never close enough to hear their wing beats! That must be an awesome experience!

threecollie said...