Friday, September 5, 2008

Preparing for the rain................

It's been incredibly hot......90's yesterday. 80's today. Everything is drying up. We really need rain and according to the weather folks, we are going to get some. Tropical Storm Hannah is heading up the east coast and bringing with it several inches of rain and strong winds. It should reach us by tomorrow afternoon and the heaviest rains late tomorrow night. It's a quick mover and should be out of here by sunday afternoon. Anywhere that faces south has been closed or covered to protect it from the rain. Some places tend to get muddy quickly especially around the manure pile so I pushed that way back with the tractor and turned the big compost pile. Most of the day was spent doing chores so I didn't have time to dye yarn today. Here's a photo of yesterday's colors.
I love this Avacado green and the variations that we get as the dye pot is exhausted. The gray was a new color this year and I like it. It looks very nice with the garnet behind it. I hope to have time to do more on sunday afternoon.

As I was checking on everything this afternoon, I snapped a few photos:

New pullets lounging in the shade of the woodshed

Pigs enjoying excess tomatoes and cucumbers

"The Hogs"

Blue hubbard squash growing over the duck house

I've never grown blue hubbard squash before. I had no idea how far the vines would spread, how many squash we would get or how big they would get! The vines have completely covered the duck house and the squashes are growing everywhere. There is a huge one that grew into the wire on the back of the duck house and just keeps on growing. Some of these things have got to weigh 25lbs already. I hope they ripen before the frost hits.

Squash everywhere!

Tomorrow is Farmer's Market day. I'm hoping the rain will hold off. We haven't missed a day since we started. Folks really look forward to it now. I know I do :)


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Wow I love those greens and the garnet, reminds me of my Fiestware.

The Hubbard squash won't ripen here, but our Sweet Meat (sometimes known as the Hubbard of the West)will reliably get ripe and keep until May, getting sweeter in storage.

Your pigs look great, sure handy for a clean up crew!

threecollie said...

Good luck with your market and with the rain. It hit here early this morning and seems to have mostly gone by leaving gloomy skies in its wake. Your dyed yarn is gorgeous!!

Joanne said...

That garnet yarn is stunning. So, will you sell your yarns to us online if they don't sell out at the festival? Please? :)

Those Hubbards will provide you (and the pigs?) with a lot of food. I hope they will ripen soon. I did see one that looks sort of blue; does that indicate ripeness? My weird volunteer squashes are turning color and beginning to ripen, I think. Enjoy the rain. We've had Gustav's clouds and rain for several days now. Very restful and cooling by the time it makes it to KY!

Pamela said...

The colors in that yarn are amazing! I think my favorite are the shades of green.

And talk about some major squashes! I've never heard of Hubbards. Do you mind my asking what you do with them?

kristi said...

I always enjoy seeing what is going on at your place & I love it when you post the cow pics. Just like Pam said, I would love to hear more about the squash:)

Deb said...

Your Fiestaware is have quite a set from the photos on your blog. I'd love to do yarn in all those colors :)

It rained early morning during set up and then stopped until late afternoon. Another lucky day for us :) The sun was out early this morning and it's been a beautiful day. The rain was welcome and everything looks much greener.

I was happy with the garnet...I will sell the yarns on line should I bring any home from the fair. Thanks so much for asking :)
I believe the blue of the hubbard does indicate that they are ripening. I'm doing a little research and I'll share what I find out about them with some new photos.
We really needed the rain and we now have your cooler it!

thanks.....I'm fond of the greens myself :)
The hubbards will keep quite some time in the basement. I remember eating a hubbard at a spinning retreat. They cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, filled it with corn bread stuffing, apples, raisins, etc., and baked it. Oh my - you talk about good eating. I can't wait to try it with one of my own!

I'll try and get more cow photos for you...glad you enjoy them :) I love my cows - they smell of my most enjoyable times of the day is when I milk. It's quiet and peaceful and rather mindless. I love those mindless jobs sometimes. No think - just milk. It helps when you have a nice cow and Jan's a sweetie.