Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blue Hubbard squash

Blue Hubbard squash (curcubita maxima)
For those who asked, here's a few tid bits about the Blue Hubbard squash pictured on my last blog post.

This is an old time favorite variety of winter squash. The flesh is bright orange, fine textured with a sweet, nutty flavor. It is reported to be delicious in pies or cut into serving size pieces and baked or steamed. The hard, blue-gray shell helps these keep for long periods in storage. They average from 10 to 40lbs. I've read many different ways to cut these squash from using a hatchet to putting them in a bag and dropping them from a roof top. My neighbor who is an old-time farmer recommended I use an axe for the biggest ones. My Mom told me she used to use her butcher knife and a hammer. Yikes....I'm thinking chopping these things up could be dangerous!

They are a long season squash requiring at least 110 days to maturity. It is recommended to wait to plant these seeds in the spring until the weather has warmed considerably and all danger of frost has passed, which means at least the 1st week of June for me. You can start them inside a greenhouse or home to get a head start. I can tell you the leaves on these plants are huge. Some of the vines are 30 feet long so these squash take up a lot of room in a garden.

You should harvest them before frost, leaving a portion of them stem on them. Cure them in a warm area for ten days or so and then store in a dry area between 45 and 55 degrees. My crawlspace basement will work perfectly for this. I'm hoping to have squash all winter long this year.
The New England variety of Blue Hubbard squash was introduced in 1909 by the Gregory Seed company. I read that this particular squash was said to have been brought to Massachusetts in the late 1700's. It's definitely been around awhile. I also read that it can be acclimated to a short growing season as long as certain directions are followed. If it can grow and mature here, it should grow well anywhere :)

hand dyed yarns

I've gotten most of the finn yarn dyed. I've been very happy with all of the colors so far. We had thundershowers move through today and I knew it wouldn't be a good drying day so I spent the day felting soap and going through show boxes. Only 9 days until I leave for the fair and I'm really starting to get nervous that I won't have everything done!

These beauties are taking over my center vegetable garden. They are the loveliest shade of yellow and they are hardy for sure. Any ideas what they are? I did not plant these........one must have come in with another plant and established itself. They have a white tuber that can be pulled up easy when they are small. Once they get tall, and these are about 5 to 6 feet tall, it's almost impossible to pull them up. I dug most of them out this spring and my goodness, they have filled back in and doubled over the summer. I'd love to dig them up and plant them along our boundary line. They would make a beautiful hedgerow.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Gorgeous yarn colors. Hope the fair goes well.

We chop our Sweet Meat squash with an axe, or the cleaver we use for splitting the brisket on beef.

threecollie said...

Jerusalem artichoke maybe?
Beautiful photos as always. I truly love your yarn.

kristi said...

Thank you so much for the info! I think it is something to try for next year. I tried spaghetti squash & I had NO luck with it. The vines just died away. I had a ton on flowers & 2 little wannabe's that just died:( Your yarn colors are just awesome! If I only had more time.......

Pamela said...

The colors of your yarn are so lucious! Also, I really enjoyed reading about the blue hubbard squash. How interesting. Am dying to know what it tastes like.

Joanne said...

I'm no expert but these sound like Jerusalem artichokes to me too! The tubers are what you eat, and they are delicious. Dig them up in the fall, wash them off, and roast in the oven. Store the ones you can't eat all at once in your rootcellar with the potatoes, carrots, etc. They are white like a potato, but sweet. We also love making them into a soup. We've had several bad years for them but this year they have just about taken over their space in the garden...on a good year, they are downright invasive! Dig up a tuber and try it or ask a knowledgeable friend first...they do grow wild but we always had to plant ours to begin with...

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

We have Jerusalem artichokes and they don't look like that. I'd be careful about eating them until you get positive ID.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Me again - Jerusalem artichokes are a native sunflower, and the leaves are fuzzy just like a sunflower plant, these in the picture look shiny, and they remind me of single dahlias.

Taylor said...

These definitely aren't Jerusalem Artichokes! The ones that we grow are about 9 feet tall! The flowers do look remarkably similar, though (as does the "taking over the garden" description).

Your yarn, by the way, is absolutely beautiful. Those colors are gorgeous.

I found you googling Blue Hubbards, since we just bought a bunch from our local farmer's market to store through the winter. I'm your neighbor in Southern Massachusetts, but a native of Alabama. These Blue Hubbards are totally new to me!

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