Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Frosty beginnings..............

We are having typical Northeast weather and I love it :) Mornings are frosty.....29 at 5 am. Days are between 55 and 65. The animals all seem to enjoy it and I know the sheep prefer it to the 80 degree weather we were having not so long ago. Our foliage color has peaked and the winds are beginning to blow the dried leaves off the trees. It's not unusual for us to have snow in October. Nothing lasting but snow none the less. I'm a snow fan and look forward to the first storm of the season but I'm NOT ready to start plowing by any means!

Frozen water tubs and frosty fields greeted us as we did chores. Goats were romping and the ewes and lambs were anxious for their breakfast. The chickens were out before the sun came up pecking and scratching in the leaves.

Ewes waiting patiently.....

lambs next in line.....

chickens looking for dropped bird seed

These ladies are almost 20 weeks old and should start laying soon. The old girls are retiring and the new chicks will be moving into the new, recently cleaned and spit shined hen house for the winter. They will still be able to get out and scratch during the day. How they enjoy their dust baths. The three guineas that travel with them seem to think they are chickens and have no desire to move in with the other guineas. The chickens don't seem to mind them at all :)

Happy cows busy at the feeder

Our dairy cow, Jan, is expecting a calf around the 1st of December and we have dried her off. She's now out with the other cows everyday and happily eats her share at the feeder. We are anxious for a new calf and of course, know we are going to get another beautiful heifer like the one she gave us last year. You can special order those right? :)

Mama cow

Another beautiful day in our part of the country. Thanks for stopping in.....hope your day is beautiful too :)


kristi said...

Absolutely a beautiful post! It captures the true essence of farming & how it grabs at your heart! Your countryside is so serene....I need to visit Maine this summer! Afterall, my L.L. Bean boots need to be replace! Thank you for the cows....I so want a miniature Jersey:)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I LOVE that photo of ewes in the morning light; excellent shot! I've never been to Maine; have you ever been to Oregon?

Nancy K. said...



Shula said...

Yes we got our first frost this morning in MA. I like Fall but I'm not that keen on the snow. Of course I spent a few years in CA so I'm not used to it.

Lovely animals.

Deb said...

Thanks :) Would love to have you visit! We could take that trip to Bean's to replace your boots.
Hope you get that miniature jersey.

Thank you - early morning is my favorite time of the day and the ewes were very cooperative this morning.
I've never been to Oregon. A trip out west is on our "wish list".

that's how I feel every morning when I head for the barn :)

Thanks for visiting.....looks like frosty mornings are going to be the norm for the next few months....cute sheep :)

threecollie said...

Beautiful! I especially like the sunlight on the sheep