Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall chores.....

Our New England weather continues to be gorgeous which is beneficial in so many ways. Our trees are now brilliant orange and gold colors. Cold nights and sunny, warm days make it possible for us to work outside all day and cross many fall chores off the long list of things to get done. The weather has also drawn many leaf-peepers from neighboring states to Maine to enjoy the beautiful foliage season. Inns are full and restaurants are crowded. A boost that the local economy really needed.

I spent a little "free" time today with my dogs, walking around the farm, taking a few photos, checking fence lines and just enjoying the view. These guys are the best companions :) Banjo just turned 8 and Danny was a year in May. I love to watch them roam and play together ~ happy animals.


We can see nearby Mount Washington in New Hampshire from the hill above our home. The snow has arrived and is accumulating. A sign of things to come for us. I look forward to it but am always nervous that we will not be prepared.
One of my favorite chores this time of year is fall shearing. I raise Finn sheep as well as Shetlands and the Finn have to be sheared twice per year. Two of my favorite gals received their haircuts and toe trimming on Friday. I can do two or three per day if all goes well :) All the sheep will get their toes trimmed and a general "look over" in the next week. Our soil is very sandy with hardly any rocks so toes need to be trimmed more often as their do not wear down on their own. I use a shearing stand and most everyone is cooperative.



I'm "thinking" about breeding groups. I will have two sheep groups this year and they will be smaller than usual. Such fun trying to figure out whom should go with whom. The boys aren't fussy! I usually put my groups together sometime in November. I get that funny little feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking of spring lambs. My goat breeding group is already together and I'm sure the does are already bred.

Life is good here at Tylerfarm..............


Nancy K. said...

Your area looks so much like the Bluff Country in which I live. Autumn is breathtakingly beautiful. I'm not sure how it was kept such a secret about how lovely it is here as well.

Speaking of beautiful ~ LOVE your dogs! Banjo looks SO pretty amongst the fallen leaves. Is Danny a BC or an English Shepherd? He looks like an ES to me.

I also put my breeding groups together in Novemeber. In fact, I put them together Thanksgiving weekend. I like my lambs to arrive mid-to-late April ~ when the grass is growing rapidly. I will be breeding VERY few this year...

Deb said...

Hi Nancy,
I have never visited your area and would love to travel that way someday. From your photos, I can tell you live in a beautiful part of our country.
Danny is an ES. I purchased him about the same time that you got Bella. Aren't they wonderful dogs?

I also put my groups together on thanksgiving weekend for the same reasons as you. I don't always have wonderful grass by late April but grass none the less.
Thanks for writing :)

kristi said...

I always look forward to your posts as they are always so beautiful! What type of goats do you raise? I have LaManchas & Nigerian Dwarfs, though the LaManchas are my favorite:) Way back in 1986 when I graduated from high school, a friend & I went up to NH & VT. We actually climbed Mt. Washington though we did not make it to Lake in Clouds as the weather was proving to be an issue so we had to head down. I just love the area! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Deb said...

Thank you :)
I raise pygora fiber goats. They are a little bigger than a nigerian dwarf.
I've never been to the top of Mt. Washington. You can drive to the top on the Auto road but I've never had the interest. It's very steep and narrow! I'm happy looking at it from a distance :)

Able Oaks Ranch Alpacas said...

I raise alpacas and llamas. We shear once a year in the Spring. I also have a few dairy goats. You might consider listing your farm on the Shearers Directory at I think it's free.

threecollie said...

So beautiful! I can't imagine being able to see Mt. Washington like that!

Pamela said...

Oh my! What a gorgeous view!

Do you mind my asking where you got your Bella? We are looking into different breeds and was wondering how they are around the sheep and how good they are as a watch dog.

ga.farmwoman said...

Life looks wonderful at Tylerfarm!

The leaves look beautiful. We only have a few starting to change colors here.
Banjo and Danny are adorable.

You asked about the rock bridge.
Yes we(mainly my husband) build it. Some of my earliest posts were about building the rock bridge.
It is also the dam for the old mill pond that was originally there, over a hundred years ago.

Thanks for your visits. I have enjoyed my visit with you today.
Have a great day.

Deb said...

able oaks ranch alpacas,
Thanks for visiting ~ I'll be sure to check out the Shearer's Directory. Thanks for the link.

thanks.....we are very lucky :)

Thank you .......Actually Danny is our ES, Bella belongs to Nancy K. I purchased Danny from a breeder in Western NY state. Her name is Tish Toren. I'll be happy to look up her info if you'd like. She's a very reputable person and we had corresponded for a couple of years before we decided on Danny. Like Bella, Dan is great working around all of the animals. He will move the cows, sheep, goats or chickens on command. He will also chase if allowed but he know's better. He has learned well from watching Banjo who is a farm collie. I would highly recommend an English Shepherd to anyone who has children and/or animals. They are perfect all around farm dogs. In my humble opinion of course :)

Thank you....I enjoy visiting your blog and your farm is beautiful as well. Bridges fascinate me - I will have to check your earlier posts for the full story :)
Thanks so much for visiting.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Gorgeous photos of the fall colors - but I'm partial to the dog pictures, what a handsome pair.

Joanne said...

I love feasting my eyes on your blog. Thank you for the colors, the well-cared for animals, and the farm tales.

Thanks too for your kind note on my blog. Things are pretty much still touch and go but all the thoughts and prayers are helping us while we worry about our new little family member.

Paintsmh said...

OH what a view! And the sheep are so pretty. I can't wait for more spring lamb pictures!