Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunshine and deceipt.............

It's a beautiful sunny day...........finally. We've had day after day of doom and gloomy weather. Looking out makes you feel cheery and optimistic. The birds have been active at the feeders all day with quite a variety. I'm not sure how they are hanging on though.....we've had wind all day with gusts up to 50mph. Always seems to be a trade off. We've had worse weather but that wind does bite bare skin. We hustled through chores this morning and I'm sure no one will be lagging back tonight.
Our driveway is long and frozen solid (in most places). Just pulled the Fed Ex man out of a frozen crater. He wasn't a happy camper. I can attest to the fact that he has had more than enough winter. "It looked solid enough" he said. Poor man, I really felt sorry for him.
We have a wonderful friend who drives a Fed Ex truck. Those things do not even have snow tires and they travel these crazy New England roads in the winter time! I wouldn't trade jobs with him for anything.

The weatherman promised that better weather is coming. Of course, that's after the snowstorm he is predicting for the first of the week.
Happy weekending everyone!


threecollie said...

It was terribly cold today here too...kind of disheartening. At least the sun shone though, which was much appreciated. You sure do have a lot of snow to deal with!

Deb said...

110 inches of snow for us so far this winter. 182 north of us in Caribou as of today.
It hasn't been unbearable but we've run out of room to put anymore. :0)