Friday, March 28, 2008

Poor man's fertilizer???

My calendar tells me it's almost April 1. Looking outside my window tells me that Mother nature is not done with our winter season yet.

(photo's this morning by son Tom )

I recall the old timer's telling me that snow in April is considered poor man's fertilizer and we should be grateful. There will be no worries of drought. I am grateful for all of the above but...................don't you need bare ground for that "fertilizer" to land on in order for it to fertilize the soil? We still have 4 to 5 feet of snow!

The animals don't seem to mind as everyone was eager for their breakfast. The sheep are always out in the snow even though they have a cushy straw lined barn to lay in. After a large storm we will see mounds in the field. Rather strange looking when these mounds start to rise and shake off!

This fellow is "Famous Amos" our papa goat. He was watching Tom intently this morning though the fence rails, thinking that the camera looked edible so Tom snapped his photo. He is very friendly and would rather be petted than eat his breakfast.

Hope everyone enjoys the day. I'll have to stay in and keep the woodstove fired up, perhaps I'll knit a bit or play with the new baby goats........I should work on my taxes :0(

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rellen said...

Happy anniversary Milley.
Love Horace