Sunday, April 1, 2012

Springing forward in sunny Maine ~

How quickly the seasons change here.....we went from a little snow and chilly temps to 85 degrees and full summer weather! An entire 7 days of awesome weather -  That lasted long enough for people to really embrace spring and start seedlings, yard work and garden prep.  I am guilty as well....I raked and raked and cleaned up debris and have the garden plots done and our house is full of vegetable seedlings!

Our normally muddy March driveway is dry and smooth as Scott has been running the york rake every few days.   We are now snowless and hope to start planting a few veggies in the front garden next weekend. The first garden has been cleaned up and ready for planting.  YES!!!

Our wooly girls are now wool - less.....they had incredible wool coats and we decided to shear them as the warm weather approached.  I now have four bags of gorgeous wool to skirt and send off to the processor.  Surprisingly, Miss Ghiradelli (2nd from the left) is really not a black sheep at all but a gray sheep.  Such a lovely, bluish-gray color to her fiber.  Those are the best surprises :)  as much as I miss the Finn sheep, it's a pleasure to know that the Coopworth girls only have to be shorn once this year.  This being their first shearing - they were all very well behaved and patient with us. 

We are preparing to open our Farm Shop in April.  Weekends only....I always look forward to this time of year.  I love that little shop and it will be such a pleasure to see returning customers and new folks as well.  We have fresh eggs, yarn and rovings, jewely, and gifts available as well as a few seedlings.  We hope to have fresh greens and other veggies beginning May 1st. We will have lamb and beef cuts in the near future again as well. 
We have a new product for the shop this year - maple syrup.  Scott tapped the few maples we have here and produced some great syrup.  Sold in half pint quantities while they last :) 

For the very first time we are offering  Vegetable CSA.   We have two spots left for anyone interested.  Feel free to send me an email and I'll be happy to go over the details.  Farm fresh, all natural vegetables for 20 weeks, May through October, Prepaid at a discounted rate.

We are also going to raise pigs for fall butchering again this year.  They will be available in late October by the half or the whole.  Cut, cryovac wrapped and picked up at the farm.  This does require a contract and a deposit.  Again, send a quick email if you have an interest. 

My full time job keeps me very busy during the week but I am learning to ration my time and enjoy all of the different things I love to do.  Spring brings a renewed energy and hope of a great season. 

I haven't done well keeping up with the blog....I miss reading and hearing from all of you.  If you still follow us, A huge thank you!!  Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.  I promise I will do better!! 

Hope to see many of you in the coming months! 

Happy farming!



lisa said...

So glad to hear from you! Now that the hubby is going to be gone most weekends, I will have to take a trip up and see you! I am glad to have the chance to go back to school! If you go back I think you will be glad you did.

Deb said...

I would love have you visit!!! I'm glad school is working great for you. I'm still thinking about it...time will tell :)

Deb said...
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Gardening sheds said...

I looks like you are having a great time in your farm. I just can't keep smiling when I'm reading your post. Nice post!

ActualExams said...

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Garden centre Gwent said...

I looks like you are having a great time in your farm. I just can't keep smiling when I'm reading your post. Nice post!
Thanks for sharing with us..

Callie Brady said...

Hope your shoppe reopening is a great success and you have lots and lots of customers! Wish I could visit your beautiful farm.

Seputar Kesehatan said...

Its a good farm. I'am just say thanks for nice post.