Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring has sprung!!

We have been having a beautiful streak of weather here in the Northeast. Balmy days of blue skies, sunshine and temps in the 40's. Mud has appeared which is always a sure sign of spring. We had a small snowstorm a few days ago but that's it for an entire month! I'm ready for dirt and gardens and babies :)

My cousin Jacob is visiting us while on break from school this week. He is here as often as he can be on school vacations and usually helps with the baby lambs on April vacation. We bred earlier this year and he was bummed that the lambs would all be here before he returns. No baby animals for Jake this year - or so he thought :)

Two of our does have been bagging up for a week or so and I've been watching the babies move slowly through the birth canal, positioning themselves. Ribbon's tail ligaments were very soft on saturday and birth is usually anytime at that point. Her milk bag was so full her tiny udders were sticking out sideways. I was napping through a headache yesterday afternoon when Tom came in and told me Jake and Ty had found baby goats!

Introducing Sarge (black) and Beetle Bailey (white) twin bucklings born to Ribbon (white pygora doe) and Amos (carmel angora buck). All I can say is sweet, sweet, sweet!
By the time I got out to the barn, both babies were up, dry and nursing. Mama goats are the best. I was so happy that we had babies for Jacob. He's been coming here for 13 years and hasn't once missed a baby season. We didn't want this to be the first.


"Beetle Bailey"

We decided on cartoon characters for our name theme for the goats this year. Lace looks to be next. I'd like twin doelings this time. Stay tuned...........


Rayna said...

OMG! In love with Sarge's coloring! Super cute! :) Congrats

Candy Duell said...

The babies are so cute! I love the black one also.

As for weather, keep you eyes to the sky's, we are in for a snowy week!

Callie Brady said...

Those two are about the two cutest little kids I remember seeing. Such sweet faces and those curls!

Country Whispers said...

What cute lil babies!

DebH said...

Those are just darling!!! How is it possible something could be so adorable?? Gorgeous babies..Congrats

craig said...

Very cute !! We could sure use some spring around here, I've got fences to build.

threecollie said...

Awww...they are so cute! Glad you had such timely little ones.

Christy said...

I want a pygora so bad! I'm getting one this year somehow.

Deb said...

Thanks - I'm always surprised when I get a black baby :)

Thanks for the heads up - I see the mess coming our way!

They are absolutely huggable :)

Country Whispers,
Thank you :)

Thanks - this is one of my favorite times of the year :)

Craig -
We could all use spring - I hope better weather heads your way.

Thanks - they are just about as cute as your new calf :)

I hope you get your pygora this year :) You will love them.

Diary From Africa said...

They are just adorable, and how wonderful that Jacob was there when they were born !

DayPhoto said...

What beautiful and darling little kids! I love thier curls!

And that Jacob got to have the baby experience one more time.


lisa said...

You sure do now how to raise them! They are just adorable babies! We haven't hit 40's yet but it has been above freezing which is nice!

Anonymous said...

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