Friday, March 26, 2010

Hitchin' Up ~

This past Sunday, Tom & Tyler were fitted with their new harnesses. Not having been around drafts very often, I wasn't sure what to expect. My Dad did. These boys are 6 and 8 and are as gentle as any horse we've had. Tyler has been pulling wagons and sleighs for quite some time so it was old hat for him. Tom doesn't have that experience. For a young horse, he was awesome. You can brush them, crawl around them, hook this and hitch that and they stand right still. I was impressed.
Once everything was fitted correctly and Dad was comfortable, he asked them to walk on and away they went. No hesitation whatsoever. Tyler is all business. Head straight, ears forward, no fishing the bit, etc. Tom on the other hand was a little more interested in looking around, checking things out. After a few laps around the field, he settled in and was doing great. They looked like they had been a "team" always.They both know what whoa means and rest easy on a loose rein. I held the lines to have my photo taken with them. You can feel the strength of these two just holding them. Not sure I'd want to drive them at this point. It wouldn't take much for them to drag me through the mud, which we have plenty of right now. It would be a good laugh for everyone watching :)

Aren't they handsome? The black and red looks great on them. I love all the silver on these harnesses. I can remember as a little kid, sitting in the barn doorway polishing silver on harnesses or a saddle for hours. It was so satisfying to enter the parade in town and everything shined!

Even though they were purchased separately, they look very much alike. They are almost the same height. Tyler has a bigger butt than Tom but I think that may change eventually. I'm not sure if either of them have ever been ridden but I think that would be a cushy ride atop of these fellows.

These boys will be giving carriage rides through beautiful Acadia National Park in Maine for the summer season. If you have the chance to visit, ask for Tom and Tyler and the "Old Cowboy" you will be happy you did :)


Anonymous said...

Tom and Tyler are beautiful! I sure would love to come up to Maine for a carriage ride with those boys(and the Cowboy).

Great pictures but where is that one you had made with Tom and Tyler??

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I just came back to show my husband the pictures, I see you now in the top.
He loved the pictures too!

Have a great day.

Deb said...

Hi Pam,
So glad you all liked the photos :)
We would love to have you visit!
Actually, that's not me in the top photo - that's my Dad's girlfriend. She took the photo of me with the boys and I haven't seen that photo yet.
Have a great weekend as well !

Nancy K. said...

How awesome! I can't imagine holding the reins of two powerful animals like Tom & Tyler! What special childhood memories your have as well!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Driving in Acadia is on my bucket list. Riding with your dad and the big boys would be a close second. That's a nice looking team!

threecollie said...

Awesome in every sense of the word! What beauties!

Kara said...

They are beautiful! We had a Belgian for a little while...he sort of came with the house. Since I don't drive I tried to ride him a little. A word of caution, they are so powerful that in my opinion they really are not meant to be ridden. If they decide to bolt nothing will stop them and it is a long way down. That being said if they are well trained it might be a different story. Ours was green and he new his strength, a bad combination for someone with no prior experience with draft horses (other than riding double on our friend's at the State Fair in the arena at night after the show was over as stupid teenagers). He went to a farm where he now gives wagon rides at their local Old Fashion Days and it suits him much better. He loves to pull much better.

Barbee' said...

Oh, WOW, they are a beautiful pair!

simplefarmgirl said...

hi debi,
they are beautiful if you get a chance to look at my blog and see the picture, my team looks just like your. Uncle Dave looks great, right at home with a horse in hand. cant wait for spring, winter has dragged on long enough. tell everyone I said hello
take care