Monday, March 22, 2010

Goat kids ~

Super sized Mama is doing fine and is back to her normal routine. I simply couldn't believe that she only had twins. She had a very normal delivery and delivered the afterbirth shortly after delivering her last kid. She still looks like a wide load sign would fit on her butt! You just never know with these goats. Her babies were about 4lbs, average size for our does.

This little beauty is Minnie. Isn't that a gorgeous color? This is the first we have ever had of this color. She's perfect.
........and this is sweet little Daisy. She wasn't strong from the start. I milked the doe and fed her colostrum several times and she nursed from the doe tentatively a time or two. By early this morning she was chilled so I brought her in and made a tent in front of the woodstove and warmed her up with the hairdryer. I gave her electrolytes and more colostrum but she just wasn't strong enough. She passed away about 4 this afternoon. It was very peaceful and I don't believe she suffered. It's always terribly sad to lose a baby but I'd rather she is at peace than being ill and suffering.

It's been a long day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a happier one.
Next chance I have to post, I'll tell you the story of Freida, the 10 year old ewe who broke INTO the ram pen and how that worked out for her :)


Callie said...

So sorry about the loss. I feel so bad for you. Such a sad thing to happen.

My daughter noticed the floppy ears and wondered about lack of selenium.

Could it be white muscle disease (floppy kid) selenium deficiency. We always gave the doe a selenium booster before breeding and then another booster when pregnant. Hope everything will be ok.

Gayle said...

Just precious...I am so sorry the baby didn't pull through. I hope the second is in good health.

Candy Duell said...

I am so sorry about the baby. I hope the other baby is doing well and getting stronger quickly.

The one who survived is darling. They both are!

I thought for sure she would have more than twins. I guess you never know.

Cathy M said...

So sorry about your loss. She was so cute. Hope her sister continues to do well.

Tammy said...

So sorry about the little doe. It's always hard to lose them, but you did all you could for her, and she had to feel the kindness around her.

Can't wait to hear the story about the little hussy ewe! ;-0 They sure can be something, can't they?

kristi said...

I am so to hear about the little doe, it never gets easier when the little ones do not thrive. I hate feeling like I did nothing even though I know I did what I could. But you do have that other beautiful baby to love on so that is a blessing:) I promise to join you on Facebook when I get up the nerve to actually get on Facebook;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Daisy. It is so sad when little ons don't have a chance.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Oh my, hate to hear about Daisy's passing.

Last year, during SweetPea's C-section, the Dr. pulled out a doeling, she looked fine, took some breaths, then turned blue, she never took any more breaths. Was heartbreaking.

They are so fragile.

just LOVE the coloring on Minnie.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about Daisy. I agree, I had to see them suffer too.

Minnie is a beauty. What a pretty color she is.
I know your day was long. Hope today was better.

I can imagine Freida was ready to leave that ram pen!


lisa said...

Oh, it is hard to lose a baby, but Minnie is just so darn adorable!

Deb said...

Thanks :) They all get selenium booster - and free choice minerals w/added selenium as we are very deficient. She didn't have floppy ears when she was born. She was in tough shape in the photo. I wanted one to remember her by. Her Mom is ok as well as her sister.

Thank you. Minnie is doing great and Mom as well.

Thanks ;) They were both adorable babies - it's always so hard to lose one. I take it very personal.

Thank you :) Daisy was sweet and she will be missed but I believe she's in a better place.

Thank you - I know she felt love and kindness right up until the end. That's all that we could give her.

It is hard to lose even one but it happens sometimes no matter how hard we try to prevent it. We loved her and she knew it. Thankfully Minnie is fine as well as their Mom and for that I'm grateful.
See you on Facebook - it's easy so sign up!

schoonover farm,
Thank you :) Sometimes you just know which ones are strong enough to survive and which ones aren't and yet you still give them all you can to beat the odds. Just wasn't meant to be.

Thanks :)Some of them are fragile from the beginning for sure. It's not easy losing even one.

Thank you :) I just cannot let them suffer - it's not in me. Suffering is so cruel in my opinion.
My day was better, thanks. More lambs arrived today - healthy & happy!

Thank you :) She's in a better place today - Minnie is a sweety and fit as a fiddle :)

Nancy K. said...

What a sad week you've had. I just read your post about Molly the cow before reading this one. It takes a strong woman to love farming. You are a blessing to the animals who get to be part of your life ~ for however long!

DayPhoto said...

It is always horribly sad to lose a baby, it's even harder to see them try to live and struggle each and every day.

You are a good goat herder, Dear Friend.


Shula said...

Sorry about Daisy but yes a peaceful passing is better than being sick a long time and declining. Minnie is a great color and hopefully very healthy. Congratulations on her.

Claire said...

So sad to hear about little Daisy. Just like our Tula, she was not meant to be. I hope they are frolicking together in a bigger pasture.

Organic Gardening Plants said...

Minnie and Daisy are quite beautiful. Recently on my brother's farm, his pig gave birth and the babies looked adorable. The sad part is thinking about where they will end up when they are adults. Anyways, keep up the great work with your blog.

Joshua and Rebecca Thomas said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy, what a darling pair of doelings.

A New England Life said...

Just found your blog. Always nice to find another New Englander.

Sorry to read about the baby. I guess these things happen, and it sounds like you are okay with it. At least you have one new, beautiful baby!